10 Ways to Boost Hotel Bookings and Get More Revenue

As a hotelier, you have to focus on creative ways to increase hotel revenue. That too by keeping the hotel sales techniques interesting for the guests. This could include providing different services and items to guests. From hotel furnishing to room & bath amenities such as using DZEE towels and offering convenient check-in and checkout services; there are so many hotel sales ideas you can use to increase revenue. Today we will be helping you out by letting you know 10 ways to boost hotel booking and get more revenue.

So, lets increase your hotel room sales!

1. It’s all about the guest happiness

When the guest is getting hyper, you need to remain calm under all circumstances and be diplomatic. This could come in the form of a guest in your hotel or even wrong online reviews. You need to take the middle road and diffuse the situation.

2.     Happy Staff, Happier Guests!

While focusing on your guests, you don’t want to forget about the hard-working people who create the best experience for your guests. One of the best hotel sales ideas would be to ensure that your working environment keeps the staff happy. They become your hotel ambassadors and create an experience that helps you retain guests.

3.     Upscale Your Booking Experience

One of the ways to increase hotel revenues is to provide packages or provide upscale options. This gives guests an advantage and you an opportunity to earn more. There are small things that your guests wouldn’t mind paying extra for; you have to be smart how you market it to them.

4.     Sell Your Products

Don’t let your guests always eat out, when you have the restaurant or the spa, make sure your guests get the right use out of them. You can also add room service, snacks, a fluffy bathrobe, room slippers, and so much more.

5.     Team Up for Events

Don’t let the happenings around your city slip out, make the most of them. Stock up on tickets for different concerts, taxi services, or a brand launch. Give your guests easy access, and make the most of the profits.

6.     Simple Booking Process

Yes, this is one of the most important out of all the 10 ways to boost hotel bookings and get more revenue and increase hotel room sales. Analyze your website and ensure it is easy for guests to use and make their bookings. The more difficult a site, the less likely they are to make the booking.

7.     Don’t Overwhelm Your Guests

There are many hotel sales ideas where you want to give your guests everything that there is. But, you don’t want to spoil them or confuse them. The lesser and more on-point options there are; the better it is for your guests.

8.     Send Out Mails

One of the best ways to increase hotel revenue is to let your customers know you remember them. Create a weekly or monthly mailing list for your customers local and international according to travel seasons. This will help them make updated decisions all the time.

9.     Independent Services

One of the best hotel sales techniques to increase revenue is to think beyond just hotel room sales. If you have a restaurant, spa, or hall, you can use them to attract the local public. Make it the most happening spot in town; for tourists to know where they can make their bookings next time they are in town.

10. Easy Mobile Access

For guests, it is all about managing everything through their mobile phones. Create a speedy and easy mobile experience through an amazing website or app. This allows customers to make and track their bookings without much issue.


We have mentioned our top 10 ways to boost hotel bookings and get more revenue. These hotel sales ideas are easy to implement and increase hotel room sales. You have to be smart about how you do it. So, dig in deep, do your analysis and then plan out a proper path for yourself.

What according to you are the best ways to increase hotel revenue? Let us know in the comments below!

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