10 Ways to Ensure a Debt-Free Christmas 2021

Too late to save for Christmas? Try these tips to ensure a Debt-free Christmas!

BANG!! The Christmas is HERE!

Are you undergoing last-minute anxiety?

Give your wallet much-needed room to breathe without going broke this festive season!

Owing to these surged-up anxiety levels, most individuals seek fast loans with no guarantor.

But is it the only way to have a grand Christmas evening?


The blog discusses 10 Ways to Ensure a Debt-free Christmas in 2021.

10 Ways to Ensure a Debt-Free Christmas 2021

According to the Money Advice Service, “8.3 million individuals in the UK were over-indebted in 2020.”

Apart from this, many students had less than £100 as savings.

Christmas celebrates the most pampered bonds and flourishes in love. Amid all this, piling debts and securities can ruin your celebrations.

Here is how you can prevent it:

Plan your finances early

 It is always better to plan the expenses in advance and avoid any surprises. Set your priorities, the things you need for a grand Christmas celebration, note it down, calculate the expected expenditure and start saving.

The sooner you save for Christmas, the better you will avoid last-minute anxieties.

How to design a Christmas budget?

  • Pen down your monthly income
  • Note down your expenses
  • Decrease your expenses from your revenue
  • Design your complete expenditure
  • Track your expenditures

 Open A 12-Month regular Savings Account

It might sound too good to be true, but you can leverage this opportunity to have a debt-free Christmas. Opening a 12-month saving account will ensure enough funds are at hand at the end of the year for kick-starting festive shopping. Before withdrawing the funds for Christmas celebrations, check whether there are any restrictions on the new account.

One Gift per person 

One Gift Per person

Regardless of how gripping you find it, stick to the rule:

1 gift =1 person

It will help manage finances and save a handful. Individuals can use the savings on other major Christmas preparations.

Instead of gifting costly gifts, gifts, you can send a personalised one designed at home.

For example, you can launch a Secret Santa arrangement in your group, where each individual gets a secret gift in exchange for one. It is a vast initiative to put things affordable and IS FUN! fixed a budget.

Switch Bank account 

Do you know you can earn cashback by switching accounts?

Yes, you can believe your eyes!

In addition, when Christmas stands just around the corner, switching bank accounts is a profitable way of earning cashback and planning your expenses. Some banks offer credits to people who switch bank accounts abiding by the terms and conditions.


You can think of opening another bank account that offers cash back on shopping. In this way, individuals will get the expenses sorted and meet any urgent Christmas expense.

Avoid Using Overdrafts 

Although overdrafts can be a beneficial option to help manage money, they are one of the heftiest expenses to borrow. Instead, borrowers should switch to more interest-free options alternatives like Credit Cards.

Lookout for Freebies

Planning ahead of the festive season grants exposure to multiple deals raving the streets. This means switching supermarkets for the best deals and being a savvy shopper.

DO NOT FORGET to miss out on FREEBIES!

As the celebration kicks in, you might encounter plenty of opportunities in your way to ensure a pocket-friendly Christmas celebration.

How to Hunt Down Freebies?

  • Check online listings for freebies in your area
  • Arrange a trip to a nearby location offering freebies
  • Take online surveys
  • Download an app offering freebies
  • Check online community marketplaces like Craigslist or Facebook

 Shop Online

Don’t get caught up in the excitement and lose incredible deals online! Chase “too-good-to-miss deals” with “SAVING MODE” on. Shopping online not only grants you freedom of choice but exposes you to many money-saving options as well.

How to bag better deals while shopping online?

  • Add browser extensions for coupon codes
  • Set price alerts
  • Check price comparison websites
  • Use cashback applications and websites
  • Check Discount sites
  • Abandon the shopping cart

 Borrow Responsibly

While Christmas preparations and underlying excitement make you spend all your savings, you should be mindful of spending sagaciously.

If you need to borrow 15-minute loans from a direct lender, do it responsibly. Before filing for a loan, analyse:

Whether you can manage the repayment

How urgent is the loan purpose?

Compare the best lenders and look out for the best interest rates. Check whether you are eligible for the loan and your credit score allows it.

Whether you have an existing loan or think about taking another one, make the repayment on time.

Avoid Buy Now and Pay Later Offers

No matter how attractive an offer sounds- refrain from impulse-buying.

According to research, nearly 2.7 million people in the UK are still indebted from 2019.

While Buy Now, Pay Later Schemes are on the rise, it gives a false sense of security, ditching people into spending more than what is needed.

Don’t fall for these hard-to-ignore vibes; ONLY BUY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD.

Sell old stuff

It’s time to get more stuff for a Christmas bash. Why don’t you sell your stuff and meet your festive need in exchange?

Make way for new things and SAVE HUGE!

These are some things which you can seek for having grand Christmas celebrations ahead. Budget, spend with good vibes, and relish the good tidings!


Focused with more than 3year of experience, Anna Adam is a creative author who loves to share her experience by writing content and publishing. She writes on finance, magazine, & life stories.

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