11 tips to keep your shoes in order

Your shoes take a significant amount of space in your wardrobe. The collection keeps on increasing as you add newer shoes to your wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if you buy sneakers online or from a physical retailer, what matters is how you organize your wardrobe so that you get what you’re looking for.

Considering most of us value time more than money, we would not like to waste time searching for that one pair of heels that match today’s dress.

That’s why it is important to organize your shoe collection to not only save space but for easier accessibility and care for them. Let us see some of the ways we can go about this.

How to care for and keep your shoes in order

1. Keep sneakers clean with detergent– Sneakers tend to get dirty after a lot of strenuous physical activity. You should get them cleaned in time so that their foul smell doesn’t get worse.

Usually, when you buy sneakers from your Best Online Sneaker Store, many of them provide detergent or tips to keep your sneakers clean. Follow them well after using your sneakers for a while.

2. Store your shoes categorically– This makes it easier to find what you need when you need it. For example, you could keep your daily shoes easily retrievable and lightly-used shoes at a height.

3. Make time for it– Organizing your shoes will require you to invest some time. Spend a Sunday morning getting your shoes in order so that you can find them when needed. You will find some surprising discoveries, including sneakers under retail price or shoes that you forgot you had. Also, take measurements and see if you can get an organizer for your shoes.

4. Keep your shoes away from the floor– A shoe organizer would be a great investment if you have many shoes to handle. There are many options available, you should check all of them before making a purchase. You could use a shoe rack, a hanging shoe rack, or any other from your neighborhood IKEA or other furniture retailers.

5. Reuse shoe boxes– If you don’t have space in your home for a shoe organizer, your shoe boxes would do the trick too. In fact, you could even store two pairs of shoes with flat soles in a shoebox.

6. Invest in shoe bins– Another cheaper alternative is using a shoe bin. These are stackable containers where you can store more shoes in a smaller space.

7. Keep heels at the top of your shoe rack– Your heels take up the most space. It makes sense to keep them at the top of your shoe rack for easy retrieval.

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8. Store your slip-on, sandals, and flats in hanging organizers– These are the shoes you wear regularly; they should be kept accessible in hanging organizers near your door. Such organizers are easily available online at most furniture e-commerce stores or your neighborhood IKEA or furniture store.

9. Store boots upright– To maintain your boot’s usage life, you will need to store them upright. The best way to do this is by adding crushed newspapers, old plastic bottles, or magazines to keep them upright. If you don’t have space in your shoe cabinet to store them this way, you can cover their soles and hang them in your closet. Buy boot shapers online that’ll help you keep them upright in your closet.

10. Clean your leather boots with vinegar and polish– Your leather shoes need to be cleaned regularly to increase their lifespan. To prevent them from getting water and salt stains, you can spray your boots with white vinegar or a waterproof spray. Once they are dry, you can polish them with a coat of your preferred polish.

11. Clean suede boots with the help of a brush, talcum powder, and dry towel– Remember, NEVER use water to clean suede boots. They will have a stain that you can’t wipe off. Instead, you can brush the stains off with a damp cloth.

The last few words

Shoe shopping online is a fun activity. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for top-selling sneakers online for men or top-selling heels for yourself, caring for these purchases is what many people take for granted. A few steps in the right direction can help you care for your prized shoe collection without breaking the bank.

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