12 Drool-Worthy Diwali Gifts Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Diwali is honored as one of the most favorable festivals in India. As far as we reminisce, we have commemorated Diwali with bash and grandeur decorations since our adolescence. But this year, things are a little unusual due to the pandemic situation that has hurt the whole world. While every one of us is struggling to reduce the pandemic situation in the country, we have apprehended the value of maintaining good health in the new standard. 

So, this festive season, Send Diwali Gifts Online to your friends & family yy sitting at your home and praying for each other’s well-being. 

Check out this list of drool-worthy Diwali gifts for your loved ones. 

Handcrafted desk accessories

Every individual needs a well-organized desk area. Get some attractive handcrafted desk accessories to keep the place clutter-free and elegant! Whether you’re buying gifts for your family or close friends, dazzle them with off-beat desk accessories to glam up the tedious workstation.

Aromatic / Scented Candles

Scented candles are the ideal pick for Diwali gifting. As this is the celebration of lights, these scented candles will lighten up their house and make a lovely addition to the house décor. Everyone in the home will enjoy their pleasant fragrance, and I doubt you will be honoured for such a thoughtful gift.

Idols of Gods

Can you believe how pleased your family or buddies will be when you overwhelm them with idols of Gods and Goddesses as remarkable gifts on Diwali? Well, they are sure to be taken by reasonable wonder on unwrapping such pretty gifts that indeed arrive as blessings on the religious occasion of Diwali. You can check out many idols of Gods and Goddesses like Ganesha, Laxmi & unique hampers that offer both Laxmi and Ganesha. To put it exactly- Online Diwali gift delivery in Kolkata is available.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are one of the sure-changed Diwali gifts. It is a helpful pick for gifting to anyone. With abundant nutrients and many health advantages attached, you can gift dry fruits in cases, baskets, pouches & other classifications. Standard dry fruit combos carry almonds, cashew, raisins, and pista. 

Customised tea set

Let’s acknowledge that personalized Diwali gifts warm everyone’s heart and fill it with happiness. So, pamper your cherished ones with a customised tea set with an embedded quote on each set of cups. Complete the set with a bright kettle that will spontaneously stand out from the rest of their cutlery set.

Candle Stands/ Diya holders

Another thing that goes splendidly with this festive vibe is Candle Holder. These Diya Stands, aka light holders, can be use even later during the festival. These Diya Stands, aka light holders, can be utilised even later during the celebration. Candle Holders add a charming chic touch to the house décor. Please place them in tiny little corners to make the lights look even more attractive when reflected through these light holders.


This year, you can elect to take a break from the popular choice of Diwali gifts and go in for green plants that make for unusual gifts. Check out various plants like money plants, Syngonium, Peperomia, etc., that come in various arrangements like a glass vase, glass jars, ceramic pots, etc.

Personalised box of chocolates

Another attractive option for personalised gifts is chocolates. An exclusive box of chocolates with a touch of personalisation never fails to radiate happiness on a festive occasion. It is one of the excellent Diwali gift ideas for friends or family that will spontaneously bring a smile to their pretty faces.

Pottery / Earthen Lamps and Lanterns

There are various areas in India where you can purchase pottery at many affordable rates. While everyone is purchasing expensive embellishing pieces from the markets, go a distinct route and choose handmade potteries from the roadside. They come in various designs & patterns. You can pick from a small handicraft diya to a big showpiece. These pieces add natural beauty to the home décor and bring that Indianness to the home decor. They make the Diwali Decorations with a perfect touch.


How about dazzling your loved ones with yummy cakes on Diwali? Well, you can choose to go in for this one-of-its-kind gift this year, and you always have the chance to pick from mouth-watering relishes like chocolate, vanilla,red velvet, etc.

Fruits Hamper

Most of us are occupied in our day-to-day life and overlook keeping a watch on our food practices and lifestyle. While fruits should embrace a significant portion of our diet, the travail of going to the market to get fruits is real. So, this Diwali, make your cherished ones feel taken care of by gifting them a fresh fruit hamper. Aesthetically arranged fruits in a basket is an excellent combination of festive greetings and lively vibes.


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