12 Reasons of Choosing Motorized Curtains

12 Benefits of Motorized Curtains

1. Energy efficient

A motorized curtains system uses between 50% and 70% less energy than a regular mechanical curtain. This is due to the fact that they are on average 30-35 percent lighter allowing them to move more freely. While also having bearings in place to reduce friction allowing them to smoothly open and close with little effort. The lack of external components means that there is no additional drag caused by pulleys, ropes, or chains which further reduces the amount of power required for operation.

2. Safety

Motorized curtains are made safer by the fact that they can be designed so they stop moving. When any part of an individual’s body comes into contact with it allowing children, pets, or objects to pass through without becoming caught up.

3. Peace of mind

When using motorized curtains you can rest easy knowing that it is operating correctly. As the system contains multiple safety features to protect against mechanical failure, overload, and overheating.

4. Convenience

Motorized Curtains are automated so you never have to lift them again saving time and effort while also allowing them to be operated remotely for added convenience. The average running speed of most systems is around 1 meter per second which is fast enough not to impede traffic. But slow enough that there are no potential accidents caused by being caught in the mechanism. They are typically programmed with different settings giving you the option of setting them at maximum speed for use when cleaning. Mid-range for normal operation, and the lowest setting for areas that may be prone to system failure or safety hazards.

5. Noise reduction

The only noise you hear from a motorized curtain is the sound of it gliding smoothly across its track as there is no additional noise caused by chains, rails, and gears. This means they are better for use in shared living spaces such as apartments, dormitories, and hotels where sound can be an issue. They also remain completely silent when opening and closing during the nighttime. Enabling them to function without disturbing people who are trying to sleep or rest.

6. Versatility

Motorized curtains come in multiple styles including manual top down bottom up. Vertical tab top down bottom up, French door style top-down, single door style top down bottom up, patio door style single track, and double track. They can also be fitted with different fabrics depending on your needs including the ability to retrofit old curtains onto existing tracks to give them a new lease of life.

7. Safety

The presence of multiple sensors means that there is less chance of accidents occurring as the system only operates. When necessary and decelerates gradually for movement in either direction eliminating any potential hazards caused by abrupt stops or starts. It also contains an emergency stop button that halts all current operations allowing you to place it back into its starting position for added safety.

8. Cleanliness

Curtains act as natural filters preventing airborne contaminants from the home through open windows, doors, and air conditioning units. They are also great for preventing the penetration of dirt, dust, and other contaminants into your home which can often cause physical harm to individuals with respiratory problems or allergies.

9. Reduced noise

Curtains can make a significant difference in terms of sound dampening. Especially when used on double-glazed windows where they can help to prevent outside noise. From becoming an issue during late-night hours which is useful for people who live in close proximity to busy roads, railways tracks, or airports. They are also perfect for covering up any unsightly views that you would prefer not to be seen by others such as garages, storage areas, garbage bins, etc.

10. Enhanced privacy

When curtains are designed to open and close your main view can be obscured or opened as necessary. Allowing you to choose whether you would like to look outside and also giving you the freedom to go about the house. Without revealing personal items, belongings, and family members.

11. Freedom

Curtains allow you to open and close them at will which means that you can benefit from increased airflow and natural lighting during warmer months and additional protection from colder weather when closed. They also give that inside added privacy by preventing those on the outside from looking in. So there’s no need for blinds or shutters which take up floor space and require regular maintenance. This allows curtains to be an effective replacement for window insulation installations such as double glazing, triple glazing, etc. As they deliver much better results for a minimal investment.

12. Replacements

If the idea of replacing your curtains sounds costly it is possible to use motorized tracks on existing drapes. So they are ready for use when you need them without having to go out and buy new ones or have expensive alterations carried out prior to installation.

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