3 Last-Minute Study Tips That Actually Work

  1. A break on the hour

Undoubtedly, the tips which tells you to study on the last night before the exam day calls for a student’s temptation to go for a marathon study session. But according to what research says and shows when the human brain tries to focus on a particular thing for so long, the mind only wanders—no wonder why students fall prey to weariness. So, ditch that.

Study becomes more effective when sliced into small chunks and broken up by rests. Ideally, in an hour of study, you can break up the 60 minutes’ long chunk into 50-10 short chunks. So, gather yourself and study for 50 minutes with engrossment and give yourself a ten minutes’ reward time. Then, make the best use of the rest time by strolling inside your room and getting the blood flowing back again. The other way you can consider taking a break is by taking practice exams. The 50-10 study schedule is perfect for reading, memorising, and taking notes.

  1. Get a good sleep

While sleeping is the last activity that any studier will oppose before the exam day, it should be the reverse. Instead, sleep should be one of their top priorities. The theory that goes with rest is that even after a single night of sleep deprivation, the memorising capacity of our mind drops significantly. And if you have ever experienced a wide-awake night, you would know how much truth is there in waking up tired and emotional. And then the entire next day remains at a halt.

Fatigue can severely diminish your focus, clarity of thinking, and thought processing capabilities and heighten stress and anxiety. So, stop expecting better grades, particularly when you have had a wakeful night, because this will only hinder your performance on exam day.

  1. Stay positive

This is more than an unfortunate feature that our brains show- they are hard-wired to look for and focus on threats. And they are always aware of anxiety-induced situations. It is part of the fight-or-flight mechanism we have adopted from our ancient ancestors for survival. By expecting the worst, our brains convince us that we can be prepared for it. And while this mechanism only served better in survival situations, it only hinders effectiveness during academic achievements.

The exam is a fright situation that our brain perceives as a threat. So, do not let your brain tell you can manage it ANYHOW. Do not be PESSIMISTIC in such situations.

Conversely, having an optimistic attitude during examinations is suitable for a student’s physical and mental health. This proportionally improves their performance in tasks (exams). For example, in one study, optimistic sales people were shown to sell thirty-seven per cent more than their pessimistic colleagues. So, students must be encouraged as frequently as possible to dump negative thoughts and fixate their minds on strengths.

Pro Tip

Create flashcards for enhancing your memory. Flashcards are one of the most popular and widely used study tools. These types of flashcards are in the use for many years. Use paper index cards or their digital versions to learn new data. You can create cards consisting of bits of data, meanwhile you can also colour, underline, or box the data to keep remember in your memory.

Parting thoughts,

The seemingly slight gestures mentioned in this blog post are massive milestones that will get you your desired grade in your examination. They are excellent solutions that will, in a combined way, contribute to your good mental and physical health during stressful study hours. Maintaining a good study-life balance is a very important part of your curriculum. That is why many experts suggests us to not ignore this tip. To study efficiently, you must put in the effort, and there is no easy way out there. These tips may work for some and may not for others. So, do what works the best for you. Good luck!

Author’s Bio: Henry Tesfaye is a university assignment help provider at one of the most renowned institutes in Australia. He is also an university assignment help online expert at for more than 10 years.

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