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3 Ways to guard yourself in times of emergency

We cannot eliminate the concept of danger and emergencies altogether from our life. After all, life is nothing but a series of unimagined events; sometimes fun, sometimes surprising, and at times dangerous. But not always do you come across emergencies that would be fatal. In most cases, a little presence of mind and a lot more smartness could get you out of the danger all good.

You would come across tons of articles trying to tell you how to guard yourself in times of emergencies. Well, they are all good. After all, is there anything like being too safe? Each person has a right to feel safe, secure, and protected when they step out into the world that’s alien to them. And through this article, we will walk you through just 3 ways that can help you get out of the emergency in a balanced way.

Let’s see them.

1. Keep your nerves calm.

Pace yourself and relax. We know that’s the most contradictory and stupid thing to say to a person when they are faced with danger. But, you have heard this numerous times and we will say it again. Keep calm and think rationally. If you don’t pace yourself then, your mind wouldn’t make rational or let’s say even viable decisions. You would end up with a pounding heart, sweaty hands, fear gripping you, and no way to get out of that danger.

It’s normal to be frightened but it’s also within us humans to gather ourselves and face every situation courageously. Great ideas will strike you once you begin to think from a calm mind.

Presence of mind can save you, worry wouldn’t.

2. Always carry a protectant.

The world may be filled with nice people all around. But there always is a rotten apple amongst us and we never know it until we are the victims on their blade. It’s always a smart way to be safe rather than being sorry. A pepper spray or a pocket knife could go a long way in protecting you. It would get you out of the possible danger and give you time to react smartly. Moreover, it’s always a good thing to be able to protect ourselves. When they say, learn martial arts skills, it’s not to harm others but to protect ourselves. Don’t wait for the danger to arrive to make you realize that.

3. Be technologically savvy.

There’s an answer for everything on the Internet. Just know the questions right and you will be served better.

Prepare your mobile devices to help you in times of emergency. Always have the list of emergency contacts on your device. Insert the medical details of yours in your phone. In case of emergency, anyone can access that and offer prompt help. Use GPS Systems to track and monitor the safety of your loved ones.

Be technologically savvy and avail the benefits that these emergency response apps have to offer. Consider safety as your topmost priority and subscribe to the safety apps for the security of yourself and your loved ones. Ours is a rapid response safety app that offers varying benefits of armed assistance, medical emergency, family safety, panic safety, and much more. Lady Shield Emergency response app is available for Android and IoS devices and offers its quick assistance services throughout South Africa.

There are tons of emergency services available that we usually cannot think of in times of emergency. Create a folder on your phone with all the details you think can be useful to you in times of emergency. Prepare yourself for unlikely events and you can come out of them better.

Wrapping up, always keep this mind- Emergencies can occur anytime, anywhere. One day you hear the tale in the newspaper, the next day you could be the one battling such emergencies. So be prepared. In whatever little ways you can think of. There’s always room for being safer.


Lady Shield is a location-based quick emergency alert response app for any smartphone. The app provides a panic button for any emergency and other safety features. Lady Shield is a rapid emergency response safety app designed to protect you and your family wherever you are in South Africa. The app uses your phone as a panic button to call armed response and/or medical emergency services to your location within minutes by tracking your GPS co-ordinates. Lady Shield is a rapid response safety app that is available on Google Play store and the iOS App Store The app uses your phone as a panic button to alert your emergency contacts if you’re in danger.

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