4 Good Reasons Why You Need to Visit & Dine at Samgyuptayo!

Think you’ve tasted and tried out all the best samgyupsal places in and around the Pasig area? Think not, unless you’ve already visited and dined at Samgyuptayo!

For those who didn’t know, Samgyuptayo is a newly opened Korean BBQ restaurant in Pasig which offers (you’ve guessed it!) unlimited samgyupsal! However, unlike the usual samgyupsal places you’ve visited it offers more than just good food. In fact, many of its diners have a lot to say about the place.

Need more convincing? Worry not, as there are plenty of reasons why Samgyuptayo deserves to be in your most favorite samgyupsal restaurants in the Metro and here’s why.

Better Meat Selection

best meat selection

As compared to the usual samgyupsal places you’ve visited before, Samgyuptayo offers their diners not just one, not just two, but three types of meat – chicken (dalgogi), pork (dwaejigogi), and beef (soegogi). This means that diners like yourself can enjoy and savor more meal options. What’s more is, the restaurant only serves the freshest and premium quality meat so you are sure to get your money’s worth.

To make the whole experience tastier, they are offering their meats in a variety of flavors. If that doesn’t entice you to dig in, what else would?

The Pricing Is Very Affordable

Samgyupsal prices

It’s not easy to find a samgyupsal place that serves high-quality meat without you having to empty your wallet. Samgyuptayo’s unlimited meal packages just check out both of those. They offer the freshest portion of meat and you’ll get to enjoy them at a fairly reasonable pricing. If that’s not good enough, then here’s another deal you can’t say no to. They give their diners 6 to 8 types of banchan (side dishes).

Many of their customers have claimed that all their banchans tasted authentic and that’s why they also enjoy dining in this place.

Instagram-Worthy Interior & Exterior

If you’re one who loves to post and share your experience on social media, Samgyuptayo is just the place you’ll have to visit. The whole place is elaborately decorated creating a hip and cozy atmosphere. Your eyes will truly feast in every corner of the restaurant. From their outdoor space to the tables and chairs, the restaurant gives off a trendy and chill vibe which is what a hangout place should look like.

The Place Is Very Spacious

Samgyuptayo dine-in area

Whether you’re dining by pair or in large groups, there’s always a spot for you and your friends! Aside from being a fully air conditioned restaurant, Samgyuptayo is very spacious. They are in fact open to accept event reservations. So if you’re looking for a venue to celebrate life’s most special occasion, this dining place is just what you might be looking for.

However, due to the current situation brought upon the pandemic there might be restrictions and capacity requirements. So, if you plan to visit or rent the venue, it’s best to call the place first to coordinate your event properly.

The next time you crave for your favorite samgyupsal, be sure to head right off to Samgyuptayo! Aside from their food, the restaurant itself provides all the things you could ask for. So be sure to visit and check them out soon!

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