5 Grounds’ You Should Have a Vehicle in Islamabad

Islamabad- an Urban Paradise of Pakistan?

People who listen to hip-hop know the phrase ‘big cars, big house, big wings’. Well, Islamabad is the place to have all this. In Islamabad you will see big Vehicleand big houses, only if you have big wings you can own them. Islamabad is known as the Paradise for the rich people of Pakistan. The property in posh sectors of Islamabad provides you the ultimate experience of peaceful life. In such a world, all your luxurious hunger is fulfilled. Let’s be real, where else in Pakistan can you drive a Bugatti at its best speed? Islamabad is the only city to own a Six-lane road in Pakistan, named E2. It is expected to be the first 10 lane road when completed. Unlike other cities, all these facilities are completed on time and sometimes before the expected time. The wide and fast roads of Islamabad provide you with the finest fun for fast nights. 

Grounds to buy Vehicles

Living in a beautiful city should be accompanied by beautiful cars. There are many options to choose cars from, depending on your taste. What this blog means is something to further strengthen your notion. If you are residing in Islamabad, we will convince you to buy your dream car here. 5 reasons to buy a car in Islamabad are;

  • Reliability
  • Convenience
  • Privacy
  • Freedom
  • Saves Time

Vehicle Reliability

A car owned is always reliable. Many of us have friends who ask you for a Vehicle when they are in need. You don’t want to be like them, right. So, the first thing you have to do is shuffle funds to buy a Vehicle. So that you will be reliable on yourself. Dependency is death, that’s what they say. They say, say fair.


It is always convenient to have your own stuff. What is more rewarding is to have one’s schedule followed properly. When scheduled things are done, they create a sense of achievement. Such feelings boost your happiness hence producing a lot of confidence for the future. Don’t believe me? Just try one-day reach the office 5 minutes before commencing hours.


I don’t think so I have to tell you anything more about this. Locked inside four gates gives you some privacy. Privacy is a blessing which many are deprived of. But lucky you, you will have access to some private time. You may watch some Netflix alone at Rawal Lake if you want. BTW Squid Game is trending worldwide.


Promises made but never kept, frustrates a lot. Now you don’t have to depend on your friends. You deserve to be happy, so start being happy. Now plans canceled can be enjoyed, but alone this time. You are unchained enough to take some time for yourselves. I mean for real yourself, no family, no friends only you and your ideas. As Uncle Ben from Spiderman once said, ’Best destinations are the ones never planned’. He also said, “who cares”!

Saves Time

Time is Money, everyone has heard this phrase, and why not. Everything you are achieving, you have to pay a certain amount of time to get it. Besides Metro-buses, transport in Islamabad is not very convenient. And sometimes metro buses might frustrate you with their Sloth pace speed. So having your own Vehicle will unbind you from such frustration.

Bonus Point

Since you have joined us through the whole blog, here is a Decider Point for you. In the wake of digitizing governmental affairs, the Government of Pakistan has introduced online registration and verification of vehicles. For Islamabad vehicle verification, kindly visit the site of the Excise and Taxation Department. Enter the details of the vehicle and save time. It is now easier than you think.

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