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5 Stereotypes About Trampoline Parks That Aren’t Always True

Trampolines parks in India are indeed great fun but always have got a bad rap. We all might have heard about bad stats and scary rumors, either from a relative or a friend of a friend, about downfalls and dangers related to the trampoline. But are these all justified? Have you ever heard about these downfalls when the equipment is used appropriately or with a little common sense? 

When handled with proper instructions and guidance, trampolines are great fun and can be a fantastic addition to your routines. With an increased fondness for these boomerang floors, various Trampoline Parks in India have been established and are the greatest attraction for the cities.  

These are the amazing day off options for your families, taking adults back to their childhood days and allowing children to have fun with swings, slides and multiple adventure games. 

 What exactly is a Trampoline Park? 

We all have heard about amusement parks, adventure parks and other similar places. But what exactly is a trampoline park? These are, therefore, the new addition to the list of fun and thrilling activities, allowing both mental and physical workouts under one roof. 

Trampoline Park is designed with multiple rides and activities, all based on the concept of bouncy floors further referred to as trampolines. Puno- the biggest trampoline park situated at 200 feet bypass Jaipur is one of the best examples. This adventure park is a place full of surprises, offering a full-family packed entertainment option to its visitors.  

These commercial trampoline parks are constructed with wall-to-wall trampolines, restricting the use of hard flooring, making your visit a rewarding experience with life-long memories. If you are looking out for a place with action-packed activities, then you must try to plan your visit to the trampoline parks.   

What are the stereotypes about Trampoline Parks? 

Along with all the fun elements, there are various myths associated with trampoline parks and trampoline use. Unfortunately, these are based on a single incident that might have happened due to carelessness or negligence and have nothing to do with safety factors anymore. Here is a list of some of the common myths-busted about trampoline parks.  

#1: Trampoline Park is Just for Kids: 

Kids love trampolines, but they are equally or, instead, more fun for adults too. These can be set to be the best exercise routines, helping you burn more than 1000 calories in merely just an hour. Moreover, trampoline parks can also be the best stress buster, allowing you to engage in other fun activities, eliminating your daily stress. These are, therefore, the best adventure option for the whole group.  

You can go for family challenges, who completes the set of rides first and who jumps the highest, the best way to engage the whole family.  

#2: A Trampoline Park is not Safe:  

Trampolines was considered the most dangerous equipment back in 2000, feared by most families due to increased injuries and accidents associated with the same. But they have emerged a long way since then and now are ranked as the safest and most effective outdoor equipment.

 The same is with trampoline parks. Earlier, these were not much appreciated by the visitors. But the changed scenarios reflect that trampoline parks are the most preferred place by all the age groups now. Again, this is because of increased safety protocols and strict guidelines.  

#3: The Place Is All About Jumping: 

To all those who think a trampoline park is all about Jumping, you need to plan a visit to Puno- The best Trampoline Park in India. These parks are more like adventure parks with multiple options to engage and have fun. 

Moreover, there are different kinds of trampolines providing different fun and unique experiences. Adding to it are activities including swing bridge, sky stepper, spider towers and many other rides available at Puno, making it an all-in-one fun package.  

#4: There Are No Health Benefits of Going to The Trampoline Park: 

Jumping on a trampoline for merely just an hour will help you burn more than 1000 calories. It is, therefore, an effective cardio and workout for the whole body. 

In addition, bouncing on a trampoline helps every muscle work, making them stronger and maintaining proper blood flow of the body, and is a great option for heart disease patients.  

#5: Trampoline Park Are Not Managed by Professionals: 

Trampoline parks are, therefore, the safest adventure places for both kids and adults. The reason being strict rules and professionals to assist with all the activities. Before entering the park and going for rides, visitors are briefed about all the rules and regulations and informed about the place’s health and safety protocols. 

Puno- The First Trampoline Park in India: 

Busting all these myths and stereotypes, the concept of trampoline parks and theme parks in India was introduced by Puno. So, if you are planning to have the best time with your family and kids under one roof, you must plan a visit here.  

Puno is located at 200 feet bypass Jaipur and is equipped with more than 20 rides, built and constructed in the area of more than 3000 sq ft. The adventure park is full of surprises and hidden elements, making it the biggest attraction spot for the Pink City.  

Relating the place to myths mentioned in the section above:

  • This trampoline park is the safest option to have fun, jumping and bouncing around the trampolines and enjoying all the rides under the proper guidance of professionals. 
  • Puno is filled with thrilling rides and activities. Puno provides the options for more than 20 rides, including the sky stepper, rock climb wall, swing bridge, spider webs, and others. 
  • More than just the thrill element, Puno also offers you some of the best dishes and combinations at Chool Café to settle your cravings after a long tiring day.  


Puno is much more than just a trampoline park. It is the best option if you are looking out for adventure activities in Jaipur or want to have ultimate fun with your family.  

 So, get rid of all the stress, and go back with a bag full of lifelong memories. Book your slots now at 829 829 4449. 










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