6 Best Ways to Prevent Viruses From Entering Your Computer or Laptop

6 Best Ways to Prevent Viruses From Entering Your Computer or Laptop – Viruses on computers are the most feared and scary thing for every laptop or computer user.

A computer virus is a computer program that works by copying itself. After that, the virus spreading by inserting copies of itself through programs and documents.

Computer viruses work destructively (for example by corrupting the data contained in documents). That’s make every laptop or computer user feel very irritated and disturbed.

This of course will be very annoying and can even damage our computers.

You have to know that when viruses exist in computers must be immediately cleaned and prevented from re-entering the computer or laptop. But preventing viruses from entering a computer or laptop is not easy.

At least we have to know what things we should avoid so that our computers or laptops can avoid computer viruses.

Previously, please note that some viruses are very deadly. We are has been widely known such as Worm, Polymorphic, Trojan, Rootkit, Backdoor, Rogue, Spyware and others.

This type is very dangerous for laptops and computers and this virus is also very vulnerable to easily enter laptops and computers. So we must immediately prevent the virus from entering our computers or laptops.

In order to get the condition of a computer or laptop that is prime, then our computer must be completely free from various kinds of viruses. To be able to prevent viruses from entering our computers or laptops, we can do the following things:

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Be Careful When Inserting Flashdisk And Memory Card

Flash drives and memory cards are the most vulnerable storage media for viruses. Things to note when inserting a flash or memory card, make sure the anti-virus is active and scan to completion. Better yet, if we use the best anti-virus or a paid one.

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On this flash there is usually a shortcut virus and autorun. Shortcut viruses usually damage files and documents so that these files and documents cannot be run.

While autorun viruses are viruses that always duplicate files and documents but documents and files that are copied from this virus will not be able to be opened. These two viruses are very stubborn because they are very difficult to remove, to remove them you need the best antivirus like Avira or AVG.

Stop Downloading Software Or Applications From Unknown Sites

If we are going to download files or software, try to download from a site that is really trustworthy and safe. It is better to download the application directly from the source or the official site.

From some laptop or computer users who have a very high risk and are susceptible to viruses, namely computers and laptops that access the internet very often.

On the internet there are usually very stubborn viruses such as malware, worms and trojans. They spread and enter through the internet.

Try the Scanning Process Regularly

To prevent viruses from entering the computer, do the scanning process regularly at least once a week so that the computer is more secure. Because if we rarely do scanning, we will not know whether the virus is in or not.

I think when the virus stay longer on the computer and continue to spread causing our valuable files to be damaged.

Prevent Viruses From Entering Computers With Antivirus Program Updates

So that the antivirus that we have is more immune and has active features to prevent the entry of viruses, try to always update the antivirus that we have. With the more updated anti-virus that we have, then it is one of the best solutions to prevent viruses from entering the computer.

Make sure the firewall is on

The usefulness of the firewall itself is to prevent the entry of viruses that enter our computers. Firewalls can also be use as a barrier to block hackers or malware from entering. Even better than this firewall is that it always protects our computers when we download or browse.

If you feel something suspicious, this firewall will start working by blocking it.

Don’t have too many antivirus

The last way to prevent viruses from entering a computer or laptop is to limit the anti-virus itself. This is often done by computer users is too many antivirus in one computer. With the increasing number of antiviruses, it is not removing viruses, but rather they will attack each other, causing the antivirus file to be damaged and cannot be opened again.

If for example we use two antiviruses and then there is a virus entering the first antivirus will delete the virus and put it into quarantine. Then the second antivirus can still read the virus before we remove it from the quarantine.

And after that the second antivirus will force the virus that has entered the quarantine to be forced.  Out by attacking the first antivirus.

So try to choose one of the best antivirus that is really strong, you don’t need to use many antiviruses.


Those are the 6 best ways to prevent viruses from entering your computer or laptop. By applying these steps, your laptop or computer will be safer and more durable, as well as your valuable folders and files that are safe from viruses that attack and damage files.

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