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6 Out-Of-The-Box Real Estate Marketing Ideas

When you spend most of your time as a real estate agent on the ground having meetings with clients and looking to attract new leads, you generally don’t get enough time to come up with new real estate marketing ideas.

But having an ‘out of the box’ approach helps a lot when you are short on time but need to act fast.

Identifying channels that can make you stand out amongst your competitors like website, SEO, Social Media Marketing, etc.

Best potential ideas to boost leads

Let’s jump onto the potential ideas that lie out of the box and can help boost your potential leads.

 1. Put Up a Quiz for Local Market On Your Website

Buzz Feed offers quizzes on just any subject and a mass number of audiences just love to tick mark the best option.

Publish quizzes on your real estate website to test your audience on something related to the field as well as of interest.

The subject domain on which you can publish quizzes to keep the leads engaged is unlimited but uploading questions related to your town’s history or some known facts about the area can help you out in shaping the marketing strategy accordingly.

If you want to gain maximum sources of leads, release thought-provoking quizzes that give an insight into working or selling, or buying a home.

It can give you a ticket to acquiring clients’ confidence and trust.

 2. Home Valuation Tool on Website

One of the most effective ways to capture the maximum number of potential sellers is by giving them a tool to calculate their property worth by themselves.

These sellers are always looking for ways to have an idea of the property value before they knock on the door of any real estate agent. Give them what your potential seller wants.

It increases the chances of sellers knocking not just on any agent’s door but only yours.

Once the seller comes across your home valuation calculator, they will be prompted to provide their email address and other required information before the results are shown.

Once you have the official email address, you know how to contact a new potential seller.

You can engage that seller by launching effective and strategic email marketing campaigns.

3. Bringing Innovative Bonuses Upon Table

What will make you stand out amongst your competitors in the market are the perks and complimentary things you offer on dealing with you.

That can include complimentary moving trucks to help in shifting. It won’t affect your profit let alone render you at a loss.

Just a few dollars will help you attract tons of potential sellers and buyers. And while spending a bunch of notes on a moving truck won’t do you much you can still cover that cost in your dealings.

It will not only make you stand out but will also help in promoting your estate name in the market.

If your moving truck is not coming to any use you can use it in parts of the area where there is traffic.

Having a moving truck will benefit you whether or not you get potential leads through it.

4. Creating Blog Posts or Video About the Surrounding Environment

Although the property, its size, and the price are all that matter for a buyer to make a decision surrounding facilities also play a huge role in it.

Nearby shops, the nearest shopping mall, or grocery mart matters a lot and add to the value of the property.

Creating blogs or videos showing the fancy neighborhood or food and entertainment options will intrigue a lot of potential buyers.

Simply visit the nearby eatery that you visited with your friends and like it. Write down about it and publish it on your website.

 5. Business Cards

No matter how old the tradition is, having business cards and handing them out never runs out of style.

That is if you have a unique and ‘out of the box’ card and not a mundane one with a white and blue colored font.

As a real estate agent holding physical and in-person meetings will always be required of you by clients.

That means it is very important for v you to be ready with all the basic information about you i.e. in terms of business cards.

However, as mentioned, a mundane and bland business card with just your name, contact details and address will just be another card joining tons of others in a wallet or worse, a dustbin.

Think out of the box, design your own card or get it designed professionally. But invest in your efforts in making it unique, creative, and outstanding.

 6. Marketing On Instagram

Instagram is all about aesthetics, lively and homey vibes. If you have none, you will be no one.

The key to becoming known and popular on Instagram is learning to engage with flowers efficiently. You can do it through Instagram stories and including pets in your real estate pictures.

Two very different aspects right? Here’s the logic.

Taking your pet into consideration before getting the photography done of your recent property up for sale might bring you a couple of buyers on your doorsteps.

While your pet may be overlooked by a few buyers in images, most of them get a homey and comfortable vibe from such pictures.

It creates a sense of safety and ‘at at home’ aura that most of the time prompts them to make a deal with you.

But how will you, other than people landing on your website and viewing the images, let followers on Instagram see these images?

You can upload updated stories on Instagram to deliver your message as well as keep your followers engaged in an activity.


These are the top most popular ideas but in the end, it all comes down to being creative, putting in efforts, and trying to avoid the mainstream trends, and doing something outside of the ordinary.

If you still seem to be struggling with capturing leads and coming up with marketing strategies there are a few of the best London real estate consultants who can give a thorough guide and assist you professionally.

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