7 Ways to Ensure Data Security with Cheap Cloud Storage in India

Companies are constantly striving to make data processing more efficient. Businesses that stick solely with on-premise data centers could be disadvantaged considering how cheap cloud storage in India has developed over the past decade. Hiring costly IT personnel to keep your company up-to-date isn’t always within reach. Read about the tested ways to ensure data security with a service provider that offers cheap cloud storage in India.

There’s a major misconception that data security is not a concern with the cloud.  On the contrary, the fact is that with the cloud, IT professionals need to be even more careful about data security, especially if they are availing services of cheap cloud storage in India.

Having large amounts of sensitive data stored on a third-party cloud service can become a real threat if not appropriately protected. Strict data security regulations bind companies, and cloud adoption alone does not ensure bulletproof security. Choosing the right storage type, service provider, and cloud storage price in India is considered among the essential factors that define data security standards. These practices will help the organizations develop strategies tailored to their needs.

Data security and cloud storage pricing are among two major concerns that businesses think about before selecting any service provider that offers a cheap cloud storage service provider. Do you feel the same? If yes, then let’s delve into this guide to get insight over how the businesses can maintain cloud security with affordable cloud storage price in India.

How Businesses Can Maintain Data Security With Cheap Cloud Storage Services

Data security is a concern especially when considering cloud storage. Insecurity, redundant systems and lost data remain as the most worrisome risks of having all data stored in the cloud. With some tips and tricks, it’s easy to maintain the security standards even if you’re considering cheap cloud storage pricing in India. Let’s find out what they are!

1.  Data Backup

The most critical aspect of cheap data storage is to ensure to have backups of your data. It is always a good idea to keep handy digital duplicates of essential data to ensure you can access them directly even though the original is destroyed or gets stolen.

You also may save them to another cloud storage or physically save files to an external device. It is always safer if you can somehow accomplish both, as the latter will prove to be helpful when the internet is not working.

2.  Avoid Storing Sensitive Information in the Cloud

Security issues can lead to serious data breaches. Without the proper protection, your business is vulnerable to cyberthreats. The safety of the cloud isn’t flawless. McAfee’s Cloud Adoption and Risk Study show that the typical company experiences hundreds of unauthorized data storage instances every month. It’s wise to avoid keeping sensitive data in the cloud, like usernames, credit/debit card numbers, and so on.

It is not ideal for putting a company’s most sensitive data on the cloud if there’s even a remote possibility it can get hacked. If your data results in severe harm to your company if hacked, keep it on a highly secure local server that your service provider offers instead of disclosing it via the internet.

3.  Create Strong Passwords

The study of LastPass depicts that 59% of users reuse a password across multiple platforms. When left unchecked, the staff are likely to create a unique simple password for their accounts, including access to the company’s cloud data. Because simple-to-remember passwords are easy to remember, make your employees use stronger, cloud-specific passwords.

In addition to generating a secure and distinctive password, it is also critical to update it often and not discuss it with anybody. Many login screens now include extra verification queries for the user.

4.  Install Anti-virus Software

Safety steps protect your data; however, the point sometimes is not cloud safety but preferably from where you log in. If the system is not fully covered, attackers can get access to your account. You are risking yourself to malware that gives entry sites in such situations. The most excellent protection is to use robust anti-malware solutions to safeguard all linked devices, both personal and corporate.

5.  Implement Strict Security Controls

Do not give access to cloud data to every employee. After all, you can’t trust everyone in your company. Implementing strict security control practices helps to lessen the hacking risks by restricting access to only those employees who need it. It entails enforcing strict access constraints based on the actual need rather than place or location.

6.  Pick an Expert Cloud Service Provider

It is not true that all companies created give reliable cloud storage services, especially when it comes to cloud safety. Select a service provider with inexpensive cloud storage prices in India that provide advanced features of cloud security, like data encryption and advanced password systems management. It is also good to evaluate your current service with other providers in a market to ensure that they are up to familiar with the new developments.


In several ways, cloud storage prices in India have their own set of benefits. However, remember that safety assurances are never 100% guaranteed, although they are feasible. Following a few of the security precautions listed above will take your business to new heights keeping information on and off the cloud safe. Indeed, establishing robust cloud security necessitates effort. But you can’t count only on your cloud hosting service provider to shoulder the load; your company’s IT team and workers must also contribute. It’s a never-ending but continuous process.

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