8 Lavish Places For Couples To Visit In 2022

Lavish Places For Couples To Visit : Love is in the air! And there are many beautiful destinations for the perfect romantic getaway with your companion. Even after months of planning and endless canceled programs, the madness of hectic work-life, short on leaves, family commitment, work meetings, and money crunch.

Don’t worry! We’ve made a list of the best places for couples from around the World, where your partner and you can finally take a romantic vacation while soaking up in each other’s company and feel the romance.

Top Best Lavish Places to Visit For Couples


Mauritius, often referred to as heaven on earth, is a place with alluring beaches extended into a limitless expanse of the deep blue ocean. A favorite in the couple destination list, Mauritius is thrust away amid the Mascarene islands. The destination is a paradise whose name itself evokes the picturesque blue sea and beautiful beaches. With White sandy beaches, splendor resorts, pleasantly warm weather, and a perfect moment to revive each other’s love. Mauritius is a culturally diverse spot with a lot of activities to do with your partner. Both can enjoy couple massage sessions, spa, and romantic retreat.


Tropical Paradise, Bali, a place of spiritual wellness retreat and beautiful beaches, the island is one of the most romantic places for the couple. Explore Bali with your partner while cycling around the village roads lush with greenery. If you’re looking for a romantic destination where you can relax on the beach while enjoying the sunset with your partner, along with holistic culture and adventure, then Bali is the best place for you.


The Maldives is the trendiest hotspot for a couples getaway. A small island with a serene blue sea, water resort, and white sandy beach stretched along the limitless Indian ocean. There is something misty and magical in Maldives’ air, which drives the perfect for couples in love. You can do a lot of water sports and fun activities with your partner. Both can go for scuba diving, snorkeling, deep-sea diving, and jet skiing through the sea. Though it’s the trendiest destination, the place is always quiet and less crowded. Enjoy a tropical holiday with your loved one on a private island.


In the sublime sunset or the incredible clifftop, Greece is a country that leaves a long-lasting impression on travelers. It’s ancient grandeur sites, fabulous monuments, and scenic mountainous interiors never fail to spill its charm on the visitors. The country’s capital city Athens has a lot to offer when it comes to rich cultural history and entire villages’ splendid architecture. Greece is a postcard-perfect destination and one of the most preferred honeymoon spots in the World. If you plan a getaway with your partner to Greece, make Spirit Airlines Reservations for the best flight deal.


France’s capital Paris, the country of fashion and love, is one of Europe’s most visited cities. Paris has a romantic way of treating visitors. The town has a seductive and rhythmic side, with beautiful resorts to charming bistros and inestimable art. Home to one of the wonders, the Eiffel Tower, is a must on every visitor’s bucket list. Visitors looking for outdoor adventure can go Paragliding, snowboarding, climbing; there’s a lot to do in France! Paris is a city of love, and what’s better than an ideal romantic dinner date at the top of the Eiffel Tower with your partner. Enjoy wine and chocolate with your partner in the city of love. Can’t get more lavishly romantic.


The country has the World’s most romantic cities; Italy is one of the most preferred tourist destinations. Cities like Venice and Rome have romance in the air. Hop on a Gondola with your partner and stroll around the city while listening to old music and spend quality time. Gondola rides are the ideal for the couples blooming in love. If you and your partner are fans of ancient history and elegant architecture with classic art, Venice is one of the most romantic places to get away. Good Italian wine and rustic pizza is the Italian way to love and to be loved.

Phuket and Krabi

There is more to Thailand than just bachelor parties in Bangkok and Pattaya. One of the most crowded places with tourists, Thailand is mainly known for its shopping spots and exotic beaches. However, Phuket and Krabi are the perfect places away from overcrowded cities and beaches on a small island to enjoy a romantic holiday with your partner. From crazy nightlife to sunny, breezy beach, Phuket and Krabi are perfect for young couples. Thailand has many wellness retreats. Couples can go for dual retreat packages and do fun couple activities. If you are looking for relaxing, rejuvenating, and healing with your partner? The place is perfect for a staycation.

Bora Bora island

Bora Bora, a small island, is surprisingly allured with beauty. It is even said to be the most beautiful island in the World. Bora Bora is the best place to plan a lavish trip with your partner. The place is surrounded by serene water and is best for a tropical getaway. The island is a real treat for heart and soul with luxurious resorts, calm water, and a bright sky. You can go snorkeling with your partner and visit this place if you are looking for something ultra-luxurious. Pack your bags and hop on a flight with Alaska airlines booking for luxurious facilities for a comfortable travel experience.

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