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8 Mistakes To Avoid While Developing Tinder Dating App

The shift of dating pursuits to the online platform has increased with the global Pandemic and lockdown. The emergence of virtual marriages is a clear example of how important social media and the internet have become even in our circles. It is this increased affinity towards dating applications that has been the major reason for the development of more in the industry. Dating apps like Tinder helps people find the right, compatible people for themselves just by swiping right and being in their comfort zone.

The popularity of dating applications has made it clear that the business opportunities in the dating apps industry are just booming. So in this article, we will be understanding how tinder works, what its unique features are, and how to create an app like Tinder.

Tinder Application

Tinder is an application that helps find people online to make the entire process of dating easy and comfortable. Gone are the days when you organically meet someone and there are letters sent back and forth to build the relationship. Swiping right and talking to the person is the new normal. The dating applications are slowly and steadily changing and bringing on digital evolution. The global pandemic has just made and nudges the dating applications and their popularity a little better as it is easy and convenient to use. Get more insights about tinder dating app clones here.

How to make your application stand out?

With further deliberate and intricate research of all the other dating applications in the industry, it must be safe to say that it is the features and the ease of use that bring one app better than the other. So let us discuss some features that could bring your application a unique space.

1. Video call

This feature is not usually used by any of the dating applications, but could genuinely make the entire experience far better. As cliche and shallow as it may sound, dating truly finds its foundation on looks. The video call feat-ire would enable the dating app to connect people through it and keep the initial conversation going rather than letting them shift to other options.

2. Read receipts

The entire dating phase in the digital has made things easier but there are ounces of confusion even to this day. The confusion regarding whether or not they have read the message, the equation of losing interest, and so on. Often people find themselves in a loop and with the incorporation of reading receipts it will be way easier to keep a tab on the message delivery and their reception. you can find here the best clone app development.

3. Removing limitations of geographical locations

This could easily be a great way to enable more matches even from places which is not physically feasible for the person. Adding ‘n’ number of locations can help people find their matches in places where they are yet to reach. This sure could serve as a cool option and help people discover people even before they have met physically.

4. Rewind option

Most of the time while swiping, there is a chance to swipe the wrong way with the right intention. The incorporation of the rewind option will help solve this problem. With unlimited rewind, there is the ease in going back and rewinding the mistake swipes you made so that you don’t leave out people.

5. Accessibility even offline

The internet could go down sometimes and if you were building up a communication with the person, this online status could become a barrier. So make sure to remove this barrier so that it is easy for the users to immediately shift to your app automatically when the network is down. To get more insights about the tinder dating app clone, click here.

6. Like notifications

Letting know who and all have liked the user’s profile increases the user’s engagement and eventually will let the users feel better and choose whoever they like beforehand. Giving this heads up could help them in formulating a concrete decision and work accordingly.

7. Fun quiz element

There might be a lot of apprehensions when people enter dating applications. How to talk right? How not to buzzkill and to avoid all the pent-up anxiety take the best of these users, it would be great if your app includes a collection of some fun quizzes. This could act as an ice breaker and both the people will get to know each other better and comfortably.

How to create an application like Tinder?

1. Curating a plan with the idea

The purpose and vision statement of the dating application needs to be crystal clear. This is a very difficult and important step. The extent of clarity one has in this section will determine the course of the entire development process. Sometimes you might be very clear of what you want, but understanding and directing it to what the audience wants is what wins the game. The target audience and their needs have to be intricately researched and then try to align both of these together to churn out the best dating app and experience.

2. Finalizing the features

The next step is when you cross-check the vision statement and its appeal among the target audience. There are different modes of research that provide accurate data in this strata. Once this is understood, there can be a final take on what features and specialties are needed. 

3. Design and visual elements

Once the functionalities and vision are planned, it is time to develop the necessary design elements so that the app looks market-ready and is easy to navigate. All the visual elements need to be planned and the customer or user should be able to appreciate the aesthetic the application provides.

4. Development team

The next crucial step is to find out the best development team for the dating app. It could be very overwhelming at first as there are multiple options and would be confusing to choose from. Do not fall for the rush and always research intricately about the team, their vision, the experience they hold, and the knowledge base. Align it with your application and figure out the team that best suits you.

5. Developing the application

The next significant step is to develop it with every information you have gathered. When you have the features & the right development team with you, there’s not much you have to work on during this phase except actually developing them. The development team takes care of the entire process, while you need to just stay in consistent touch to provide feedback & suggest any necessary changes if and when required.

6. Testing the app

Once the development is done, it is time to test the app and its functionality to figure out if any problem exists and to fix them on the go before the official launch. Development is never complete without hardy testing.

7. Launch the app

It is finally time to launch the app after thorough testing and fixing the bugs. Development quality is the tested one and now it is time for the world to see and eventually use it to their benefit.


Hermit Chawla is an MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Global Clients. He loves to share his thoughts on Web & App Development, Clone App Development, and Game Development.

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