A Guide to Pack your Bedrooms efficiently

Bedrooms are the most used rooms in our house. We do everything there from sleeping, eating, watching Netflix, or trying our different outfits in the middle of the Night. Except for the fact that we can’t bathe and get fresh there otherwise who would have stopped us from doing that, right? Not only do they give us warmth but secure our precious items as well. They have a lot of items that are associated with emotions and depending on the size of the house they multiply in numbers. Packing them properly is very much needed as you do not want anything to get unorganized. Here are some tips which you can use to pack your bedrooms efficiently.

Sort and declutter your belongings

You must look through all of your bedrooms and decide what all things you have and what you need. Once you are clear about what you want to take to your new home then there will be many things that you no longer require. Those things need not be carried all the way to your new place. Once it’s at the new place, you’ll probably just put them somewhere and it will just keep lying there always. You must get rid of them for your own good. You can either have a sale or can donate those items to needy people. Make a separate box of those items and immediately put any new item you find in those boxes to avoid difficulties.

Gather packaging material

Bedrooms have a lot of different things and each one of them will require a different packaging material. To reduce stress and a mess, you need good quality packaging material which you can either arrange from a nearby grocery or liquor store or you can buy them. If you are hiring movers and packers Hyderabad to Bangalore then they already have all the required material. Get proper and hard carton boxes, packaging tapes, packaging paper, polythene sheets, bubble wraps, newspaper, foams, etc.

Pack essentials first

There must be a few outfits and toiletries that you will require just after you have shifted and you must separate those items out initially only to lessen the last-minute stress. Pack any electronics that you use regularly and also do not forget their charger. All of them in a small backpack or a small box separately and label them so that you can distinguish them from others.

Pack fragile items

Fragile items are the most difficult to pack and they need extra care and support. Make sure the boxes you are using for them are hard and crisp. Choose proper packaging material for them such as packaging paper, newspapers, towels, bubble wraps, etc. To protect them from any sort of damage. Make a cushion bed by using bubble wraps or newspaper, etc. to ensure double protection for them. Cover all the items separately with packaging paper and put them in order. Fill any type of gaps between them using foam or thermocol balls, etc. So that they do not collide with each other. It is advised that you must ask for professional help to pack them as they have experience and will work accordingly.

Pack your jewelry

Jewelry is very costly and precious to us and they must be packed very safely in a separate bag and you must keep that bag with you all the time to avoid losing them. Pack them using proper packaging gears and don’t give anyone a chance to doubt what’s in that bag. It needs to be secured as much as possible.

Pack extra items

Pack other items such as books, art material, makeup, documents, etc. safely and mark them. If you are worried that any of those items will be damaged then wrap them in clothes to provide a cushion to them and pack them. If you have some carpets, rugs, or posters on the wall of your bedrooms then roll them and pack using packaging paper and tape.

Pack your decor

Decor can be fragile, oddly shaped, or heavy and each one of them will need proper attention while packing. Start packing them early using proper packaging gears and put them aside so that it is not damaged.

Pack your clothes

Packing clothing is an art and you must be a good artist to pack them according to the space in your bag. Here are some points to help you while packing your clothing.

  • Wash them first:- You do not want to worry about dirty clothes at your new home. clean them as soon as you get a chance.
  • Separate them:- Organize all your clean clothes according to season, occasion, or daily and night wears. Separate your undergarments, socks, shoes as well and make a separate small bag for them.
  • Pack them in a large bag. It is advised to not use boxes here and let the clothes be where they are if you can shift your whole wardrobe.
  • Wardrobe box:- There are wardrobe boxes available in the market to pack special and high-quality clothing.
  • Sheets and blankets:- You can even use old sheets to pack some of your clothes. Other than those, pack all the curtains, sheets, and beddings in a box and tape it properly.
  • Mattress:- Mattresses can get dirty very easily and you would not want to sleep on a dirty mattress after you have moved all the way long. Take the mattress out and cover it properly using plastics and lean them against the wall to give yourself space.

Disassemble furniture

There might be furniture items in your room including your bed, bookshelves, lamps, bedside table, etc. They all would need to be disassembled before your move. You must disassemble them and put their screws and nails somewhere safe in zip locks or something similar. It will be very risky if you misplace them and there are certain chances of losing them as they are very small and the moving process is really hectic. Move that furniture out and keep it somewhere aside to have space in your room to do other things. Tape their corners or exposed areas where you think they can get scratched while you are moving them. Do not try to move alone and ask for some help from Packers and Movers or relatives.

Clean your room

After you have packed everything, clean your whole room and see if anything is left to pack. You might also get some long-lost things while final cleaning of your home such as some precious earrings of yours lying beside the legs of your bed.

Author Bio:- Vishal

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