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Advantages of Using a Virtual Event Platform

It has been a long time since the Virtual Event Platform came into vogue. The idea of organizing online events has attained incomparable prevalence amongst multifarious industries as the globe is now opting for virtual format over the traditional to host physical events. Nonetheless, it is so because every association, including the event organizing agencies, has recognized the usefulness of taking momentous events over virtual event platforms.

Moving in-depth, online event services are qualified for managing all kinds of events for your association. From virtual sales meetings & virtual conferences to the virtual award shows & exhibitions of your corporation; arranging all sorts of events is feasible over a virtual event venue.

In this blog, you will get to explore some of the greatest benefits of using an online event platform to help you achieve a better understanding of online events.

Top 12 Advantages of Utilizing a Virtual Event Platform

#1 Organize Multiple Scope Content Simultaneously

Unlike a physical platform, online event platforms enable you to systematize multiple categories of sessions & content simultaneously on a single virtual venue designed especially for your event. A virtual event platform renders you with multiple locations in a single event venue. For instance, you can keep your virtual conference conducting in the online conference hall while sharing video content over the virtual lobby area and an exhibition through the captivating designs of the exhibit booths. While it is not unimaginable to organize these elements at an on-site event, the fact is it will add to your high expenses. Whereas a virtual event platform provides you with a broad set of features all-in-one without any added expenses.

#2 Better Networking Opportunities

An online event service delivers the users with the most creative & innovative networking features & tools to notch up the substance of your online event. Your audience always has an aim to develop more leads, maximize their contacts, and connect with their prospective partners. Nevertheless, moving to an online event implies the elimination of the possibility of straightforwardly interacting with other attendees. But, networking has been improvised with the tools delivered at an online venue. Here are some of the best networking tools provided by a progressive virtual event platform:

  • B2B Meeting Scheduler
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Business Card Exchange
  • AI Matchmaking
  • Networking Tables

#3 Enhanced Engaged

Be it an event of any structure, engagement always plays an essential role in every point. It is so because audience engagement is one aspect that can actually determine the success of your virtual event. Another fact to keep in mind is that the attendees have a way less attention span while participating in an event or meeting virtually. Regardless, a virtual event service is resourced with various engagement elements to ensure a remarkable event experience for your participants. Here are some of the best engagement features present at a virtual event platform:

  • Fun gamification
  • Photobooth
  • On-event announcements
  • Social wall
  • 360-degree immersive environment
  • Live polls and Q&A sessions
  • Signature wall
  • Multi-format communication
  • Emoticon reactions
  • Pop-up notifications
  • And everything more you prefer

#4 Lowered Expenses

Another excellent advantage of shifting your event online is the incredibly reduced expenses. By organizing your event over an online platform, the prerequisite of varied arrangements decreases to a great level. With an online event platform, you don’t have to set up any form of on-site location, venue, logistics, decorative articles, travel expenditures, and every other factor probably costing you a lot.

#5 Maximum Reach

One of the most valuable advantages of a virtual event platform is the enhanced global reach of the event as well as your organization. While through the standard format of hosting events, you can invite-only a restricted number of participants, virtual event software gives you the chance to reach innumerable global audiences all with one event, without any restriction. Also, this comes with no extra expenses!

#6 Enriched Value for Sponsors & Exhibitors

The personalization properties of a virtual event platform service let you create the platform based on your requirements and needs. This characteristic also incorporates the ability to combine sponsorship and exhibition elements. You can seamlessly represent branding, logos, advertisements, and other features at your virtual event. Not just this but you can further bring more significance to your event by creating stunning exhibit booth designs and combining efficacious sponsorship and exhibitor aspects.

#7 Customization Possibilities

Another outstanding advantage of an online event platform is that the user gains the possibility to personalize the event based on specific requirements and preferences. This benefit of an online event service also allows you to customize the experience for your audience. Not just this but it further enables you to build the design and environment you require for your event. In addition, the most advanced platform provides a pre-designed template that is properly created while keeping the participants in mind.

#8 Facilitates Feedback

With the service of virtual event service, you can effortlessly accumulate useful feedback from all your participants. While at a physical venue, gathering each participant’s genuine review used to be quite a chore, a comprehensive platform makes it extremely easy to gather feedback.

#9 Saves Time

By hosting your online event with the virtual event service, you don’t have to worry about any preparation or arrangement. And, this helps you with saving a lot of time. In addition, you can utilize this time to upgrade your event effectively.

#10 Offers Flexibility to Your Attendees

While at a physical event, the audience feels tied to not leaving the platform they are attending the event in, a virtual event platform allows them to exit the event if they don’t find it helpful. Although this can be a loss for the event planner, the reality is that this advantage enhances participation and assures more data of the target attendees.

#11 Easy Lead Retrieval

Lead retrieval was never so easy! Collaborating with an online event platform helps you collect proper participant data that can additionally assist you in getting in contact with your possible customers or allies.

#12 Event-Based Analytics & Reports

Last but not least, an online event service helps the users with helpful & practical event reports and analytics. Via this data, you can not only examine the efficacy of your online event but also prepare for your forthcoming events.

Select an extensive virtual event solution that provides you with the mentioned advantages and organize a successful event!

Mayra Shaikh

Mayra Shaikh is a Senior digital marketer with over 5 years in the Tech Industry. She has a strong marketing and sales background and loves to work in multilingual environments.

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