All you need to know about Custom Donut Boxes

Who doesn’t like donuts, guys? These round and super sweet treats are somewhat considered as one of the signatures treats of the United States. Plus, most movies will contain a donut-loving police officer with a box full of creamy donuts for the duty. Regardless of what the reality is and how people enjoy their donuts, there is the fact that donuts have become a sweet global sensation even in regions like Europe and Asia. It was the year 1847 when donuts first came into existence. The rest, as they say, is history. Now let’s get straight to the business. We understand that going through this article means that you are someone looking for ways to pack and parcel their personal donut manufacturing chain. Fortunately, you have come just to the right place for business. To be very honest, our expert custom donut boxes manufacturing team is truly out of this world. These guys have some outstanding skills for customizing donuts packaging, especially the signature pink donut box. Give us a call today and get your bulk order confirmed on a priority basis. You can also email us at our official email address, and we will get in touch with you soon.

Free Design Support:

For years on end now, BoxesMe has been manufacturing custom packaging boxes of all sorts. We have a wide set of portfolio items, but the specialty is the donuts packaging domain for us. This is the first custom box manufacturing domain we started working with. As someone who deals with donuts of all shapes and sizes, you already know that even single donut boxes need particular kinds of design detailing to get that eye-catching lookout. Plus, without experts, you will enjoy all the design detailing utterly free with zero extra requirements.

Custom Template Generation:

As a company that has worked with some retail industry giants, we understand how vital template generation can be for your business work model. As a successful business, there will be a whole team working on your end and dealing with decisions like cake boxes wholesale, custom designs, and numbers. To better understand how the design of your choice will look on paper, we offer custom template generation. With this, you can get an exact sample of the box design of your choice and show it to the respective authorities.

Ability Quote Online:

BoxesMe is not a leader in the innovation of custom boxes manufacturing alone. We guys believe that integrating technology is a field that is so vast that it can overcome any aspect of our operations. So, we started with the online ordering system. With our online quoting system finally online, you can get a quote for your donuts packaging box order from the comfort of your home/office. All you need to do is fill out the form with all the necessary details, and one of our customer representatives will get back to you asap.

What kind of stock material do we usually use?

The whole donut boxes unit will only work if the stock material used to manufacture the box is up to the mark. The stock is the core of any box. The better the stock quality will be, the more the price of the box is going to get. But as compared to overall performance and usage, this price will become quite justified in the long run. Generally, the stock we use falls under the 12 pt. to 24 pt. White super durable paper/cardboard.

Do we include finishing and add-ons as well?

Once the packaging design and build-related stuff are done, it’s time for our finishing team to get in action once again. Let’s start with the detailing first. The final detailing, we include offers coating like aqueous, glossy, and matte and the Spot UV. On the other hand, the add-ones we offer are totally dependent on the customer’s choice. Gold foiling/silver foiling, embossing, debossing, etc. These are some of the popular ad ones that we usually include in our pink donut boxes and related packages.

Delivering all across the USA and the UK free!

We know that you are looking forward to getting your hands on our custom donut boxes for your donuts-based start-up. But for the time being, we are delivering bulk orders for donut boxes free in the United States and the United Kingdom only. However, you can still order the packages from different regions of the world and get them delivered at your step at a super affordable price. Got some queries for us? We would be delighted to answer any of your questions. Give us a call today, and one of our customer care representatives will be in touch with you soon. Don’t worry. Our team is super polite and knows exactly what to do.

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