All you need to know about Triund trek

Triund is a beautiful and quiet hiking area in India that is quite popular with trekkers. It is 18 kilometres from Dharamshala and is located in the Dhauladhar Range. The picturesque Dhauladhar hills and Kangra Valley are best seen from Triund. The Triund walk, on the other hand, is fairly difficult and popular among adventurers.

Every year, a large number of adventure seekers go on this exhilarating and extremely thrilling excursion. Furthermore, the breathtaking views of the surroundings at various times of the day leave practically every visitor and adventure seeker awestruck. Triund Trek is recognised for its steep, hilly, and well-defined paths that wind through picturesque oak and rhododendron woods.

Because Triund Walk is one of India’s most popular treks, a large number of people look for information about it every year. As a result, EaseMyTrip has purchased all of the material on this much-loved trek.

When is the best time to go on a trip to the Triund?

The beautiful Triund Trek is open all year except for two months in January and February, when severe snowfall prevents access. During these two months, significant snowfall in this region has blocked certain portions of the Triund walking trail. Triund is one of India’s most popular hiking trails, and the ideal months to travel are March through June. You may expect pleasant, relaxing weather with clear views throughout this time.

What is the best way to get to Triund?

Dharamshala is the location of the base camp

Gaggal Airport, 13 kilometres from Dharamshala, is the closest airport to Triund Trek. If you’re planning a trip to Triund, is a great place to start.

Pathankot, 85 kilometres from Dharamshala, is the closest railway station to the Triund Trek.

Shri Kunam Pathri Devi Temple, Shiva Café, Gallu Devi Temple, and Bhagsu Waterfalls are among the attractions along the way.

Triund Trek Time Highlights

1 night and 2 days are required.

The distance between Mcleodganj and Bhagsu Village is 7 kilometres, and the distance between Bhagsu Village and Triund is 3 kilometres.

Time required to complete the trek: 3-4 hours on one side, 3-4 hours on the other.
Difficulty Level: The Triund Trek ranges from simple to somewhat difficult.

Triund Hike is a famous trek that attracts both expert and novice trekkers. The walk includes gentle to steep ascents that even inexperienced hikers may easily complete. Furthermore, because the Triund hike is short in distance, it is not too taxing. The first 5 kilometres of the Triund trip are pleasant, flat, and undulating, but the course becomes hilly after that, requiring a steady walk. Triund trip, on the other hand, is known as the “22 Turns” trek because to the journey’s 22 severe curves. Furthermore, in the winter, the journey becomes a little more tough and hard due to the presence of snow on the path, which makes walking on the route difficult for adventure seekers.

In Triund, there are a variety of things to do

Triund, being one of the most famous tourist destinations, attracts a large number of nature lovers and adventure seekers. Tourists that come to Triund for hiking may participate in a variety of other activities. The following is a list of activities that one can do in Triund.

Camping in Triund:

One of the most popular things to do in Triund is to go camping. The view of the nighttime sky from Triund is so beautiful that it may easily persuade nature lovers to pitch a tent here. Additionally, tents may be hired from Triund for the greatest camping experience in the beautiful surroundings.

After the Triund Walk, there is a Laka Glacier trek above Triund that is well-known for providing breathtaking views of the area’s natural splendour. However, because the route includes severe uphill climbing, this journey is far too difficult for beginners. This trip is approximately 2 kilometres upwards from Triund and provides breathtaking views of the Dhauladhar snow-capped mountains and Kangra Valley.
Visit Bhagsu Waterfall: This magnificent waterfall is located on the route to Triund and is famed for its ancient Shiva Temple. The Bhagsu waterfall has a height of 20 feet and is surrounded by natural beauty. It is one of Triun’s must-see sights.

Basic Trekking Advice for the Triund Trek

If possible, embark on the Triund Trek with someone who has done it previously. You can, however, hire a hike guide. may stay at a guesthouse close to Gallu Devi Temple. You can also stop before starting the walk if you like.
Try to stay at the camp in Triund for a more memorable experience, but guest homes are also available. The Forest Department runs the hotel, which hikers may book in Dharamshala or directly.

For a comfortable stroll, go trekking with a nice pair of shoes.

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