Are Spare Tyres Safe To Drive On?

Are Spare Tyres Safe To Drive On?

Spare tyres are lifesavers, aren’t they? Because every one of us has felt been saved by them on multiple occasions. Because history has always dictated that tragedy and uncomfortable circumstances only strike. When you are least expecting it.

And it is always our spare tyres who save the day. But the core question we currently are asking is, are they safe to drive on? And if you are curious about this, then read along because it is the exact question that we will unravel through this blog.

So for a brief description spare tyre and like regular tyres. The only difference between them could be that they are smaller in size. But even in that smaller size, they are always sturdy.

Because their whole conception is to ensure that they provide you with the protection. And dependability that you need when any unfortunate tyre punctures of your regular tyre happen.

And to back their reliability, we would like to point out some other pros that spare tyres serve you. So without any further ado, the following are the pros of owning a spare tyre:

Pros Of Spare Tyres

Spare tyres have countless times saved us in a pickle. This is why right now, we would like to highlight a few of their many benefits:

  • They Are Lifesavers

Without even a shadow of a doubt, spare tyres single biggest pro is that they are literal lifesavers. Whenever an inconvenience of tyre puncture occurs, they are the ones who save the day. Any and every difficulty, they are the ones who are the saviours.

  • Increases Fuel Efficiency

Spare tyres are smaller in size, and as a consequence of that, they are lighter as well. This directly results in one of the most beneficial pros: increasing your car’s fuel efficiency. Ensuring that you get the best value for your money.

  • Their Dependability Is Unrivaled

This just might be our personal favourite pro, and that is that spare tyres are always dependable. Ever since their inception, they have been the central image of reliability. They are the central figure who always comes at as saviours when you are in deep trouble.

Cons Of Spare Tyres

And now to make counter-arguments regarding are they safe to drive on. We would like to highlight some of their cons. And following are the biggest cons of spare tyres according to our understanding:

  • Their Size Is Not Perfect

Spare never feels like the real thing, and to confirm this point, all you need to know is that. Spare tyres are always smaller in size. They even come usually differently coloured. And this, in my opinion, is a con because their smaller size also results in an inferior performance.

  • Drive Doesn’t Feel Smooth-On Them.

The second con that a spare tyre has is that the drive just doesn’t feel as smooth due to its smaller size. As it does when you are driving on your original tyres. And inconveniences are not a partner you want to have when driving.

  • They Are Not Built For Long Drives

The last but not the least con of them is that just like their name dictates. They are spare tyres and are only built to be used in the time of need and not wholly. Because they are not at all built for long or extended drives, so use them adequately.

When Should You Use Your Spare Tyres

Now that we have done their pros and cons evaluation, we would like to return to the base question, that is. “Are spare tyres safe to drive on?” or are they not? And to answer this query, our experience states that they are indeed safe to drive on but only for small trips.

They are not manufactured, keeping the extended driving condition in mind. They are manufactured to rescue you in an uncomfortable situation. But they should be immediately replaced once you can access professional service station help.

Concluding Thoughts

So if this blog inspires you, are on the lookout for a quality spare or even regular car tyre. Then choose the best online tyre shop in the UAE to offer you rates, quality, types, and conveniences that no one else can match. They have solutions for whatever car tyre-related problems you are facing.

Lastly, we would like to ask you which one you found to be helpful out of all reasoning in this blog. And which you didn’t agree with at all. Let us know in the comments section.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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