Axis Bank NEFT National Electronic Funds Transfer

What is Axis Bank NEFT and RTGS

Axis bank offers its customers many ways to transfer funds. National Electronic Fund Transfer, frequently abbreviated the NEFT & RTGS is one of these services. This service is offered to all customers. It is easy to access through the request of the bank for an online login and password for banking.

A single of the vital items of information required to conduct axis bank rtgs form transactions is the IFSC that can be expanded to include it is known as the Indian Financial System Code.

Method to Transfer Funds Using NEFT from Axis Bank to Any Bank

  • Login to Axis Bank internet banking using the username and password.
  • Click on the “Transfer Funds option. Under that, select the “Other Bank Account’ option.
  • Fill in all necessary information such as the name of the payee the account number, details of the account as well as IFSC number.
  • Confirm the information, click save
  • An email confirmation will be sent

How to Register a Beneficiary in Axis Bank

  • Log in for Axis Bank internet banking by entering username and password
  • Input the beneficiary’s details that fall under the “Other Bank Account” option.
  • Under the details of the beneficiary, enter the name of the beneficiary, bank account code, IFSC number, name of the branch
  • Accept the conditions and click the submit button.
  • Verify the beneficiary’s details by entering login id and transaction password, and then click the “Submit” button.
  • The last step is to select the “Activate Beneficiary” option.

How to Pay Credit Card Bill through Axis Bank NEFT

  • Login to Axis Bank internet banking by entering the username and password.
  • Add your beneficiary.
  • Click on the “Transfer Funds option. Under that, select the “Other Bank Account” option.
  • Input the details as per the table below.
Name of the payee Credit Card Name
The bank account that the Payee is using The name of the credit card that issuing bank
Name of the branch Branch of the credit card issuing bank
Account number A credit card’s 16-digit number
IFSC code UTIB0000400
  • Verify details
  • confirmation will be sent
  • Details Required to Carry Out an NEFT Transaction
  • The beneficiary account number is 16-digits long.

Name of the payee

IFSC code

Axis Bank Bank NEFT Fees and Charges

The amount of the transaction Transaction fee
Up to Rs.10,000 Rs.2.50
Over Rs.10,000 Up to Rs.1 lakh Rs.5
More than Rs.1 million to Rs.2 lakh Rs.15
Over Rs.2 lakh Rs.25

Please be aware that GST charges could be imposed on any Axis Bank bank NEFT transactions. Keep in mind that the rates mentioned above are applicable to every transaction that is made pnb knowledge centre same as axis bank.

Timing for Axis Bank NEFT

At present, Axis Bank NEFT transactions are processed during the business hours for the bank, which are from Monday through Saturday. NEFT services are not available on bank holidays.

Benefits of Axis Bank NEFT

  • Simple and reliable
  • Hassle-free
  • Backed by RBI
  • The low transaction cost makes this an affordable option in comparison to other money transfer methods.
  • This is a fairly safe process, and even the funds aren’t transferred due to technical problems the funds will be transferred back to the account holder.

Limitations of Axis Bank NEFT

  • The transfer of NEFT can only be completed and processed within the operating hours of the bank.
  • NEFT facilities won’t be accessible during bank holidays and on weekends
  • NEFT is not as swift as Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) which allows funds to are transferred instantly

FAQ of Axis Bank NEFT

  1. Define what is NEFT?

National Electronic Funds Transfer which is abbreviated as NEFT is nothing more than an electronic fund transfer system in that funds can be moved from one account in a bank to the next.

  1. What is the process by which NEFT transactions are typically paid?

Transactions NEFT typically is processed in a batch-wise format.

  1. What is the maximum and minimum limit in NEFT transactions?

There’s no minimum or maximum limit for Axis bank NEF transactions.

  1. Who oversees Axis Bank NEFT transactions?

The fund transfer mechanism is controlled and controlled through the RBI. All banks with NEFT capability in India are under the control of the supervision of the RBI.

  1. Do all customers automatically gain access?

Yes. The ideal scenario is that every account holder with an active online banking ID and password are able to transfer money via the NEFT system. Contact the bank to obtain the online banking facility.

  1. What should a holder of an account do if an NEFT transfer is not completed on time?

The initial step is to determine what the current status is of your transaction by contacting the customer service department. In the event of a time delay greater than three working days, then there is an issue. There isn’t a solution to the issue from the institution, then the client may make contact with the RBI.

  1. What is the duration during which funds can be transferred by NEFT?

NEFT transactions are processed during working hours of the bank. It typically takes some time for NEFT transfers. It may take up to a day or two at most likely because of batch-wise settlement.

  1. Do all banks in India provide NEFT services?

No, every bank in India doesn’t offer NEFT transfer services. Only those banks that are NEFT-enabled offer the service.

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