Basic kitchen knives

Basic kitchen knives

The measured range knives are the ideal option to enter the world of kitchen knives. These are products that are well thought out, designed, and made with quality steel that will be easier for you to maintain over time. Therefore, it is not necessary to make a high investment to find one, the important thing is that we know that they are manufactured by prestigious brands.

The basic knives that every kitchen needs

If you have decided to invest in good basic kitchen knives but do not know what knives you need to start you have reached the right post. Here we will give you some good tips on basic chrome moly vanadium steel kitchen knives that are the most popular today, resistant, and to which you can easily re-sharpen at home.

We focus the information on home users, not professionals, although the purchase proposal that we will make can satisfy both. We will talk first about what knives are essential in the kitchen, what knives to have in the kitchen to be able to cook daily.

The basic: the chef’s knife or chef’s knife

We come to the impressionable: the little cook or the gentleman

This is more than the basics, the ones that are still on your cocaine yes or yes. You will find the most versatile, especially the one used in the agenda.

The chef (Cook’s knife in English) allows you to make cuts and cuts of all kinds: meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, and also to nibble. The standard size, the most elegant, is the one with a 20 cm blade. If you want to innovate a bit you can see a bit of Santoku which is its eastern equivalent, although its leaves may be a little more pecan than the little chef.

What chef knives do we recommend?

If we talk about basic kitchen knives, we understand that we are talking about medium-priced knives (quality is non-negotiable). We will make a recommendation, based on our experience, of the best-selling chef knives in our store:

  • Arcos Riviera chef’s knife

  • Wüsthof Classic Chef’s Knife

The second basic: a peeling knife or lace knife

The peeling knife or lace will be used to peel vegetables or fruits and chop. It is a knife that is used for tasks that require greater precision. The blades of the pointed knife (most common) range from 8 cm. up to 12 cm. The standard blade measure of a lace knife is 10 cm.

What peeling knives do we recommend?

To go hand in hand with the chef’s knife, we will recommend these 3 peeling knives:

  • Arcos Riviera lace knife
  • Wüsthof Classic lace knife
  • Victorinox Swiss Classic peeling knife

The third, here you choose

If you are a bread lover, a serrated blade bread knife will give you a good daily service to cut baguettes, sliced bread, and other types of bread. If you are a ham lover, a ham knife and a boner will help you daily in the task of cutting ham at home. but if vegetables are the basis of your diet, perhaps a Nakiri-type vegetable knife will come in handy.


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