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Beds and Mattress: advantages, disadvantages

And if we live in a confined space of a few square meters, being able to find a place to store all our things turns out to be a real undertaking, especially when the change of season arrives .

A large enough space, but often unused, is the one under the Ottoman beds, and it is for this reason that beds with containers are increasingly popular. The space beneath the mattress and the box, allows you to store all those bulky items and to liberate our precious closet .

Advantages of container beds

Save space

The beds with boxes allow you to make the most of the large space below that would otherwise be wasted.

Everything at your fingertips

Storing all the linen in the compartment under the mattress allows you to have clean sheets and pillowcases at hand when you decide to change them.

Practical makeover of the bed

Some models of container bed are raised in a parallel position with respect to the support surface and up to the height of the pelvis, thus facilitating the making of the ottoman beds especially for those suffering from back pain .

Bedroom in order

To organize the space even more neatly, use well-sealed transparent plastic boxes or practical vacuum bags . Moreover, this solution will also speed up the emptying phase of the ottoman beds drawer before cleaning.

Disadvantages of container beds

Although the beds with boxes represent a perfect solution for storing linen and other objects, you should know that it also hides some pitfalls .

Accumulation of dust

Due to the structure very close to the floor, these ottoman beds frames tend to trap dust , not only inside the chest of drawers but also under the entire structure. We suggest you to organize objects and textiles in well sealed containers, it allows you to protect them at best.

Difficulty in cleaning

Depending on the model chosen, cleaning under the bed can be more or less difficult. If the furniture is not made up of removable panels , in order to be able to clean the portion of the floor under the structure, it will be necessary to move the whole bed .

Energy block

Another not very positive aspect to be attributed to beds with drawers is linked to Feng-Shuai . According to the principles of this ancient Chinese discipline, the energies must be free to flow throughout the bedroom. It is for this reason that the section under the bed should remain completely clear. Find out in our article how to improve your sleep with Feng Shuai techniques!

How to choose the storage Ottoman beds?

If after evaluating all the positive and negative aspects, you have decided that the bed with box is for you, here are 2 further features to consider when buying .

Opening and closing of the compartment

The opening mechanism is certainly a fundamental aspect to consider. The weight of a manual lifting out of its range would make the compartment difficult to use.

However, models with automated opening , that is, equipped with a remote control to regulate the lifting degree of the net , are becoming more and more popular . This solution undoubtedly allows an easy opening to any physicality.

Removable panels to facilitate cleaning

Make sure you choose a bed frame with removable interior panels and feet high enough to make cleaning easier.

How to clean the storage bed?

The beds with the drawer placed under the net are often very low and the lack of space does not allow you to easily insert the broom or vacuum cleaner. But here are some simple tips to keep your bed clean!

Use a microfiber cloth lightly moistened with white vinegar or an electrostatic cloth to remove dust perfectly at least once a week. This operation should not be underestimated as the dust is not only harmful to those suffering from allergies or asthma. Remember that: vinegar is an excellent alternative to detergents to disinfect thoroughly and in a natural way .

To clean the inside of the dresser, use a soft cloth and gently wipe all panels with warm water and Marseille soap . Before storing all items under the bed again, make sure it is dry as humidity causes mold to form.
Don’t forget to regularly raise the bed base to ventilate both the bottom compartment and your mattress .

How to choose the right mattress for your storage bed?

It is not always easy to orient yourself in the mattress market, especially if the choice is constrained by a container bed.

  1. Choose a breathable mattress that allows and favors the recirculation of air in the container below, just like in a traditional bed open on all 4 sides.
  2. The mattress should not be excessively heavy to facilitate lifting of the opening mechanism.
  3. In the case of a double container bed we recommend. A single mattress instead of 2 single mattresses. So as to avoid potential problems during elevation.
  4. If you suffer from allergies or are particularly attentive to bed hygiene. We recommend a removable mattress with a cover that can be machine washed at high temperatures.
  5. The bed cover is also a very important element to optimize. The passage of air in your bed system, discover the Aertex bed cover.

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