Beneficial tips for a stress-free office move

The decision has been made: the office is moving. This is the time. And as the saying goes: well begun is half done. Make a plan, break big tasks into manageable chunks and use our helpful tips to ease the stress of an office move.


Will the new office be smaller or bigger? If you’re going smaller, you need to find out what’s necessary for your business and adjust your stuff accordingly.

Even if you go more extensively, you don’t necessarily have to take everything before the move is an excellent time to clean out the closets, drawers, and basement.

You can throw away, donate or sell anything you no longer need. In addition, you can store things that you would like to keep but for which you do not have the space.


Floor plans are a must. Based on a floor plan, you can see how you can set up the office, and your colleagues can visualize their new workplace. They can see where their new desk is on the map, so there is no chaos on the first day.


Speaking of chaos, change can be disruptive and cause unrest. Communicate clearly with your team about what will happen. By removing fuss in advance, you ensure a less stressful moving day.


Also, don’t forget to let all your contacts know! Inform them well in advance of important dates, possible service interruptions, and new contact details. Also, update your letterhead with company information, your websites, and printed materials.


Appoint someone as the point of contact for the office move. Someone who keeps a complete overview, can coordinate logistics, and ensures that all communication is coordinated.

You can choose someone in-house or outsource it if it’s a big project. Do you choose someone internally? Then make sure that he or she can entirely focus on this task because it takes a lot of time.


Stick clearly visible labels on the boxes. Put on it what’s in it and where it needs to go. In this way, the right items end up in the right place on a moving day.


Engaging professional movers is the easiest way. If this isn’t an option, plan enough time to pack everything. You can get protective packaging in UK from a reliable certified company like Britwrap. Make everyone responsible for their own workplace.

Provide clear instructions on what they can and cannot pack and how to label the boxes. For the rest, make an inventory of everything that needs to be moved. Check if you have heavy items: you may need to rent a hand truck or transport truck.

Ever thought about storage? It can be practical to store large items temporarily. This frees up space to organize and pack the leftovers.


Of course, you don’t want your business activities to stand still for too long. Therefore, make sure you have a well-thought-out plan for the relocation of your IT environment. Think of computers, servers, telephones, data, and the internet.

Move your IT equipment first so that IT can immediately install it at the new location.

Tip: test all cables and sockets in advance so that you do not face unexpected problems. An office move is a lot of work, whether you have a large or small company. So take your time and plan carefully.

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