Best Activities to do in Santa Barbara

Well, after being locked down for around two years due to COVID-19 strike, are you now planning for a fresh trip with your family and friends? That will be awesome for you all. So which place are you thinking about? 

Are you yet confused about the destination? Don’t Worry! Let’s give a shot to Santa Barbara. This destination can offer you the best vacation memories you all can ever have. The beautiful beaches, fresh, tasty seafood, juicy wines, and many other things give you all an amazing vacation experience in Santa Barbara. 

Maybe you still have some concerns related to the COVID-19. But city officials develop great guidelines to handle the COVID outbreak and especially take care of visitors’ and locals’ health and hygiene. 

Best Activities to do in Santa Barbara

  • Don’t forget to taste McConnell’s creamy ice cream.

McConnell’s is one of the oldest ice cream parlors in Santa Barbara. This is a family-owned amazing ice cream parlor that has been serving tasty and cream scoops of ice cream since 1949. Customers cannot come inside the shop but can order their favorite flavors from the front door. 

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  • Let’s sip juicy wine in the Presidio Neighborhood.

If you and your friends are wine lovers, then this section is especially for you all. Visit the east-side of Santa Barbara, where you will find Presidio Neighborhood where you can raise a toast of wine for having a fantastic experience of exploring the beautiful city of California.

  • Enjoy Kayaking on the Santa Cruz Island

On the beautiful island of Santa Cruz, you can enjoy Kayaking with your family and friends. Apart from Kayaking, you can also enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving activities to make your trip memorable. For better, you can also contact Santa Barbara Adventure Company and paddle through the Prisoners Harbor. 

  • Stay in the luxurious Blue Sands Inn. 

Blue Sands Inn can be the ultimate hotel option for your family and friends, which is 20 min right next to the beach. This hotel follows all the COVID-19 guidelines so that you can do contactless check-in and check-out. Hotels in Santa Barbara follow hospital-level cleaning methods. 

  • Picnic at Summerland’s lookout park

Well, here in Santa Barbara, it is legal to consume alcohol on beaches and parks. So, if you have cravings to drink alcohol and enjoy your picnic in the park of Summerland, then you are free to drink. Just pack your food and cocktail kit and have an alcoholic picnic with the best stellar views. 

  • Start Hiking!

Hiking in Santa Barbara is also referred to as one of the best activities for visitors. You can start your hiking adventures from Tangerine Falls. 

  • Tasty pastries available at Renaud’s Patisserie

So, you are exploring Santa Barbara with your kids also. You also need to take care of their cravings and food interest. That makes Renaud’s Patisserie the perfect end spot for you. 

  • Free movie at the West Wind Drive-in

You can have a great night watching movies at the West Wind Drive-in with your family and friends. You can enjoy this activity once a week. The timing is 7:30 pm and also you all will be served with a rotating list of food trucks. 

  • The Lark: One-stop destination for 5-star dinner

The Lark will offer the best dining experience to its visitors and his New American restaurant has a plethora of tasty dishes that can fulfill your cravings. It offers a patio for outdoor seating, especially during this pandemic. 

This list of things to do in Santa Barbara will indeed clear your vision. You can make Allegiant airlines booking to make your vacation amazing.

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