Best Tyre Brands You Should Know About

Is it time to replace the old tyres and get a new set for your vehicle? With a broad range of best tyre brands in the market, picking the right product can be complicated.

Some cheap tyres Bilston are made to improve fuel efficiency, and some are made to maintain stability while driving at high speed.

The tyre that you install on your car will determine the overall safety, comfort and performance. Therefore, we recommend opting for one of the 5 trusted brands mentioned below to ensure you get the right product.


Bridgestone is among the top tyre manufacturers that provide a wide range of tyres and owns multiple subsidiaries companies such as Firestone. Constant research and development have enabled the company to produce and distribute high-quality tyres for over 90 years.

Bridgestone tyres are also well-known to deliver impressive dry and wet grip while driving. Their dedication to continuous innovation while generating low environmental impact has allowed Bridgestone to become a pioneer in tyre production.

You can get Bridgestone tyres for all kinds of vehicles and models that will deliver improved performance compared to standard units. Their tyres are also used in multiple sporting events such as F1, Olympic and Paralympic. Install Bridgestone tyres today and get the power to conquer unpredictable roads without any hesitation.


Continental is a German brand that was established 150 years ago and is one of the oldest tyre manufacturing companies. Millions of car owners trust Continental tyres and its multiple subsidiaries such as Barum, Viking and Uniroyal.

Moreover, these tyres are available for all kinds of budgets and vehicles. Continental tyres are renowned for their dry grip, smooth handling and reduced on-road wear.

The company performs rigorous safety tests to ensure all the tyres adhere to the set safety standards of different countries and removes any deformed or damaged tyres before leaving their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Their continuous endeavour to provide premium-quality tyres makes Continental one of the most reliable tyre companies worldwide. If you are looking for good-quality tyres, then contact a tyre professional and they can guide you towards the right set of tyres.


Michelin is a top contender in the tyre manufacturing industry, and their tyres are available worldwide. The Michelin built durable tyres that last longer than standard units and deliver the best driving performance. Also, the company owns multiple subsidiaries such as BF Goodrich and Riken.

The dry grip and handling offered by Michelin tyres make them a favourable option for multiple car owners. Furthermore, the excellent build of these tyres lessens the risks of premature wear and tear and allows the tyres to last longer. Michelin has a product suitable for every customer’s need ranging from winter tyres to all-season as well as high-performance tyres.


Goodyear is at the same level as Bridgestone or Michelin tyres. The company also owns the famous Dunlop tyre company and other brands such as Fulda. Goodyear tyres are well-known for their traction, handling and responsiveness while driving.

The special material used for making Goodyear tyres leads to an impressive tread life and reduces the risk of early wear. You can explore a wide range of summer, winter, all-season, 4×4 and performance tyres by Goodyear for all kinds of vehicles.


An Italian tyre manufacturer, Pirelli is currently listed among the top 5 tyre companies across the globe. The tyre company provides high-quality and durable tyres in over 160 countries and for all weather conditions or terrains.

Pirelli uses state-of-the-art facilities to manufacture and test all the tyres to ensure they provide the best on and off-road driving experience. You can select from a wide assortment of Pirelli tyres available for all kinds of vehicles and budgets. Also, years of research has allowed the company to make tyres that offer enhanced fuel efficiency and comfort.

If you need some additional information about tyres Brownhills or are still unclear about different brands, then contact a well-known tyre provider and ask which product will be best suited for your vehicle.

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