Best Virtual Event Platforms in 2021

With the onset of the pandemic, one new concept that emerged and made its way in our lives is online events. And this gave birth to another concept of online event platforms. These platforms have become an indispensable part of our lives in the last two years, and now one can’t imagine functioning without these services. 

Here, in this blog, we are discussing some popular online event platforms of India; read on to have a look-


One of the top-rated virtual event platforms in the event industry, Dreamcast is known to create magic when hosting virtual events. Its engaging and immersive setup helps the organizers deliver authentic and closer-to-real virtual event experiences to the audience.

Some features that allow the platform to stand out from the crowd of uncountable virtual event solutions are-

  • This virtual event platform of India offers the organizers to set up virtual 3D event setups customized as per the needs of the host company. This feature enables the organizers to put across a gripping event experience. 
  • It comes with audience engagement tools like live chats, polls, Q&A sessions, comments, and quizzes allowing the attendees to put across points of view during the proceedings. These tools make the attendees feel involved and make the session interactive, promoting two-way interaction. 
  • Dreamcast understands the need for building networks and effective communication. Hence, it also offers networking features such as Networking Tables, B2B Meeting Schedulers, and AI matchmaking to facilitate better communication between the attendees.
  • Dreamcast allows the hosts to collect attendees’ footprints, empowering them to closely analyze attendees’ engagement on the virtual event platform and measure their event’s success. 


Another virtual event platform that makes it to the list of the best virtual event platforms is Airmeet. It is an efficient virtual event platform known for hosting immersive virtual conferences, webinars, fairs, conferences, meet-ups, and more. 

Here are some features of this online conference platform that allow the organizers to host seamless events-

  • Airmeet has an appealing interface with dedicated audience engagement and networking spaces, enabling the attendees to build long-lasting connections. 
  • Coming with real-world features, Airmeet has successfully rolled out engaging experiences for big names like Accenture, Walmart, and the University of Toronto. 
  • Apart from all these features, this virtual conference platform allows the hosts to monetize their events. 


Coming onto the next online conference platform that has been successfully delivering smiles for the last few years, let’s look at HexaFair. It is counted as one of the best virtual event platforms for hosting virtual conferences, virtual expos, and virtual trade fairs. 

Let us discuss some of the features that have helped HexaFair to be people’s favorite-

  • Its virtual 3D booth technology allows the attendees to get an event experience as close as an in-person event. 
  • Its immersive and engaging virtual booths allow the attendees to have a closer and detailed view of the products. 
  • HexaFair also allows the organizers to display pre-recorded videos, photos, download documents, get through the pamphlets and interact with the exhibitors, sponsors, and fellow attendees.


Next on the list of Best Virtual event platforms is an efficient solution, Hubilo. 

Let us go through some excellent features that help Hubilo stand apart from the crowd-

  • It is secure from online threats enabling the organizers to host immersive events in a close-secure environment.
  • It comes with unique, engaging features making it easier for the audience to connect and build effective connections. 
  • Hubilo allows tracking in-event analytics, empowering hosts to analyze the impact of their strategies and measure the success of their virtual events. 
  • Not only this, it comes with an API, making it possible for the hosts to collaborate with third-party software smoothly. 


The online event platform that we will be discussing next is vFairs. It is an expert online event solution delivering close to real-world virtual fairs, Virtual expos, and Virtual Conferences.

Now, without delaying any more second, let us have a closer look at the top services of this promising online platform- 

  • Since it has been delivering authentic event experiences for years, it understands the value and needs of effective branding. Hence, it comes with customization features that enable the organizers to design the layout as per their needs and demands. 
  • To facilitate effective communication, vFairs offers extravagant networking and engagement tools such as audio-video chats, forums, and breakout rooms.
  • Along with it, the platform is accessible through mobiles as well as laptops. This feature allows organizers to tap a wider audience and boost audience attendance rates and expand brand visibility. 


Said to be the most customizable virtual event platform, Kestone comes next when we talk about the top virtual event platforms of 2021. Do you know the best part about this platform? 

  • It is a prominent platform when it comes to hosting large-scale corporate events. Its features like photo booths, emoji reactions, audience polls, and live quizzes enable the organizers to deliver lively online events. 
  • Kestone has successfully delivered engaging online events for brands like Google, Dell, Microsoft, Tata Steel, and more. 
  • It promotes two-way communication and offers tools like audio/video conferencing. 
  • The features that have enabled it to be on the list of best online platforms are multilingual support, easy accessibility for specially-abled people, and virtual smart assistance.  
  • Other tools that Kestone offers are Customizable 3D environment, Gaming Zone, and Leaderboard. 



Delivering successful virtual event experiences to organizations worldwide, InEvent is the next service counted as one of the most trusted online event platforms. Some captivating features of this platform are-

  • It comes with effective management, providing support to the audience 24/7. 
  • Some unique features of this platform are quick registrations, custom environment, mobile application, post-event data management and analytics, marketing automation.
  • and audience engagement features. 
  •  InEvent has successfully delivered around 6000 virtual events worldwide .
  • more than 60 million streamings with its 100+ immersive features. 
  • The user-friendly interface of this virtual event platform helps the users deliver an .
  • engaging and seamless event experience and drive audience reach for their brand. 

We hope we have made it easier for you to select the most suitable platform for your next online event. 

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