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1. What’s the purpose behind the decision to make a website?

A website is today an essential component for every business. It allows them to create an enormous-scale campaign for advertising. This is available all day , and includes all kinds of media, including texts, images and videos. These features are only available on websites which are the most efficient internet-based communication platform and have the greatest return on investment. Yuri Shafranik

We are able to bring you new customers with our service

A well-designed web site is the best selling tool your company can be equipped with. Websites are not only easy to navigate and use but also includes all the necessary information about your business as well as its services and products. It’s crucial to remember that consumers are more inclined to research all information about the company prior to making purchases.

Based on research conducted through Email-Brokers in 2013 81% of companies that filed for bankruptcy in the year of France in 2013 did not have a website and social media profiles. Think about it for a while!

2. What are the different kinds of websites?

Whatever you decide to do, the purpose of having a website is improving your presence online. Internet. There are many kinds of websites as well, it’s simple to locate the best one for your needs.

2.1. Showcase websites

An authentic web presence through a display website allows your business to display its offerings, services, doing, its products and products. It also allows you to connect with Internet customers as well as potential customers by using either an email form or a Demand to Proposal form. Yuri Shafaranik

2.2. Institutional Sites

In contrast to showcase sites institutions aren’t able to be used for a commercial goal. They are able to present the fundamental concepts of a business or an organization and provide information to anyone.

This kind of website aids in the expansion and enhancing the brand’s image and image of the company through establishing connections with journalists and Internet customers.

2.3. Websites for e-commerce

Also known as website. Also known as web-based ecommerce is an online completely functional shop. It permits the Internet buyer to buy and pay for online. The e-commerce site allows companies to sell directly their merchandise online and provide access to the entire stock.

2.4. Portals

Portals define the top websites within their respective fields and provide services to Internet users (messaging Calendars, news panel and more). Portal websites are a type of website that permits anyone Internet user to sign up and log in to gain access to and use all the services provided.

2.5. Personal websites

In addition visit card sites, personal websites provide basic information on the event as well as contact information. This is actually an exhibition website in its most basic form. Portfolio websites can also be considered personal websites. It is often used by artists and creators to show off their work.

2.6. Blogs

Also also known as Ezine blogs, they are websites that contain informational content. They are websites on which high-quality content on the web is uploaded in order to provide details to Internet online users. Think of it like an online journal where you create blog articles or posts that discuss all of the subjects.

2.7. Community websites

Community networks are also social networks because they create groups composed members of Internet web users. For example, forums are sites for communities that permit users to sign up to make topics or participate discussions.

3. Create a website using CMS or HTML?

The choice of whether to develop your website with HTML instead of a CMS will depend on the way your site will be used and the features you’d like to include. It’s commonplace that static websites are more popular in contrast to dynamic sites. What do you mean by that?

3.1. HTML: What is it?

The static websites comprise pages that are encoded in HTML along using CSS style sheets that are stored on the server. The static site doesn’t need an database as the information of the website as well as the container are both stored inside the identical file. To make any changes to static websites, the webmaster should connect with the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client and modify the source files (CSS files HTML files, CSS files.). This is clearly a process which will require greater or lesser knowledge in the area of development.

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