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Buy a good ice machine yourself; buying guide

If for some reason there is no suitable device for you, you can use the tips below to find the best ice machine for your wishes and requirements. You should then pay attention to the following things. If you simply go through the list, you will automatically arrive at best buy for you.

What kind of ice cream do you want to make?

The most commonly made ice creams are sorbet, ice cream, and soft-serve ice cream. There are ice cream machines that make all these different ice creams. But there are also ice cream makers that are only intended for sorbet, or only for ice cream. There are of course also machines that can in principle do everything, but which are mainly intended for a certain type of ice cream. So think carefully about what kind of ice maker cream you mainly want to make.

Ice Machine Capacity

How much ice do you need? If you are going to make sorbet ice cream for an entire kindergarten class, you will need more than if you normally only have to make ice cream for a family of four.

Most home ice machines have a capacity of 1.5 liters to 2 liters. We recommend that you buy a 2-liter ice cream maker. The price is not much higher, but you still have more fun: you can make a quantity and keep what you don’t eat in the freezer.

Automatic programs

You can make ice cream according to a recipe or with the help of an automatic program. When you make ice cream according to a recipe, you do most of the work beforehand, you combine all the necessary ingredients, and then put it all in an ice cream machine without a program. The machine then ensures that the ice is at the right temperature and gets the right structure.

With an ice cream maker with an automatic program, you put all the ingredients in the ice cream machine. It then mixes everything well and ensures that the correct structure is achieved. To be honest, we find it more fun to put the ingredients together and then use a standard ice cream maker. That way you have more influence on the final taste and you can work more creatively.

Number of ice buckets for multiple types of ice at once

If you want to make a lot of ice cream, the best ice cream maker for you is probably one with multiple ice buckets. This means that 1 machine has 2 compartments where ice can be made independently of each other. If you are looking for this, you will quickly find professional ice cream makers.

Self-freezing ice maker or model with a cooling element

You basically have the choice of an ice cream maker with a cooling element or one that is self-freezing. A version with a cooling element is cheaper and lighter. However, the disadvantage is that the cooling element must be placed in the freezer well in advance (24 hours). Moreover, there must be enough space in your freezer for this.

You don’t need a separate cooling element with a self-freezing ice machine. The machine automatically ensures that the ice cream is frozen properly during mixing. A self-freezing appliance for ice contains a compressor and is, therefore, heavier and larger. The price is also higher than for an ice machine without self-freezing capability.

Filling opening for extra ingredients

If you want to be able to add ingredients while mixing and freezing the ice cream, you need a machine with a filling opening. Such an opening ensures that you can add ingredients on-the-go.

Conclusion: which ice cream maker to buy

It is difficult to determine which is the best ice machine for your situation and wishes. Your budget and the ease with which you want to use the machine is decisive. If you don’t want to spend too much money on an ice cream machine and have enough space in your freezer, you can opt for a machine with a cooling element. If you want to work more professionally, buy a self-freezing ice cream maker.

Of the various ice cream machines that we have mentioned in this article, there is probably one that meets all your needs. Otherwise, you can probably find the best ice cream maker for your situation with the best buying points.

How does an ice machine work?

The ingredients are cooled to the right temperature and at the same time the machine spins your ice cream so that no ice crystals form on it. A self-freezing model has a built-in cooling system that ensures that the ingredients come to the right temperature. With a cooling element model, you will first have the cooling element of the ice machine in the freezer for 24 hours or more.

How much does an ice machine cost?

A self-freezing model is more expensive than an ice machine with a cooling element. The prices of self-freezing ice cream machines for consumers start at €100 and go up to €500. Cooling element ice machines cost between $50 and $100.

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