CBD for Athletes-Everything You Need To Know

Ranging from Rob Gronkowski to Megan Rapinoe and Lamar Odom, an increasing number of professional athletes are endorsing the use of CBD, which is fully known as cannabidiol. Custom CBD packaging is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids that are naturally found in cannabis plants. Truth be told, CBD research is limited, but it has still confirmed the benefits for some health conditions.

In particular, CBD consumption has shown a greater advantage for health conditions that athletes struggle with. The conditions include inflammation, joint pain, and soreness in muscles. CBD has THC, which serves multiple benefits without any psychoactive effects. With this article, we are sharing information about CBD for athletes. So, let’s check out the details!

Non-Psychoactive Pain Treatments

According to research, CBD is great for relieving pain and helps reduce inflammation. This is a great point for athletes who participate in intense workouts and activities. THC is widely used for treating aches, but it also has side effects that result in ineffective athletic performance. The study conducted on rats suggests that THC can lead to short-term memory loss, but CBD is free of such issues.

According to the report published by WHO in 2018, CBD doesn’t have the dependence or misuse issues, while opioids and THC lead to such impacts. In some cases, CBD is also suggested to treat opioids addictions and others that have a risk of dependence. Some medical experts have been talking about the non-psychoactive nature of CBD, but it doesn’t act on the CB1 receptors in the brain.

It’s important to understand that CBD is quite different than the receptors, which means the outcomes variate. That being said, one doesn’t get high with CBD.

CBD & Athletes – The Benefits

Pain Relief

CBD is known to reduce pain, such as musculoskeletal pain caused by workouts, along with stiff joints. For the most part, the research is limited, but the pain relief benefits are pretty evident.


Over the longest time possible, the athletes have been consuming NSAIDs like candies, but it’s not safe anymore. This is the prime reason that ultradistance athletes are restricted from using NSAIDs if they have to participate in training events or sessions. This is because NSAIDs seem to lead to renal damages. Again, even if the slight consumption of NSAIDs leads to higher chances of stroke and heart attacks.

That being said, athletes have been using CBD as an alternative to NSAIDs which promises pain relief and zero renal damages. As per the report of The Essentials of Pain Medicine 4th edition, there have been no deaths by consuming CBD. Even if there were some adverse outcomes, the issues were never too severe. So, CBD can seamlessly replace NSAIDs (for good!).


As per the report published by the CDC, opioids have resulted in around 42,000 deaths. These pain medications include oxycontin, codeine, and morphine; these are considered extremely beneficial for pain, but the slight overdose can result in the expiration of the consumer. That being said, CBD might not relieve pain like opioids, but it’s a great long-term solution for pain management.


With the increase in popularity of CBD and custom CBD packaging, athletes have started pondering about the benefits of CBD consumption. For this reason, it’s essential to line out that CBD consumption can help with inflammation.

This is because CBD binds to the CB2 receptors in the brain, hence the anti-inflammatory properties. Also, the body will be relaxed after the intense workouts.


Believe it or not, gut issues can lead to discomfort. It is basically the inflammation of large and small intestines that cause discomfort and reduce the endurance of the athletes. It’s important to understand that CBD doesn’t resolve gut issues caused by overheating and dehydration. However, if other inflammatory issues are causing gut problems, CBD can surely resolve them.

Sleep Quality

It’s a known fact that athletes perform better when they have a proper sleep under the belt. For this reason, CBD consumption will lead to an easier sleeping cycle, and the athletes even remain restful during sleep. This is primarily because CBD reduces the adenosine’s reuptake, hence better sleep quality and restful sleep.

Side Effects

It’s already established that CBD-related search is minimal, but there are some known side effects of CBD consumption. For instance, one research from 2017 shows that CBD can lead to changes in appetite, weight, diarrhea, and fatigue.

Is CBD Allowed For Athletes?

The World Anti-Doping Agency has removed CBD from the list of prohibited substances. However, some huge sports events and leagues have still banned THC consumption. However, the athletes can consume the CBD isolate rather than full-spectrum custom CBD packaging products,



So they won’t test positive for THC. That being said, use the right CBD form and always get it from a reliable resource for your own benefit!

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