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Check Out The Tips And Tricks To Get Good Microneedling Results

If you regularly take care of your skin with cleansing, toning, sunscreen, and moisturizing, your skin will always look healthy and nourished. And even as you feel like improving fine lines or any pigmentation issue with Microneedling, you’ll likely get optimal Microneedling results. But if you don’t do this, at least do it two weeks before you go for your treatment. 

Microneedling is a cosmetic treatment that addresses several skin issues such as acne scarring, stretch marks, loose skin, hyperpigmentation, and more. It’s also referred to as collagen Induction therapy as it stimulates this from the body to enable healing. As the name suggests, it involves tiny needles that your caregiver makes in your skin (controlled skin injury) to allow skin rejuvenation.

While there are several anti-aging options available in the market today, Microneedling is making a buzz in a quest for a youthful appearance. As per 2019 findings from Transparency Market Research, the anti-aging market is over $200 billion. 

Great Tips For Best Microneedling Results

So, you want to benefit from one of the most sought-after treatments to get rid of those damn fine lines? These tricks will help you experience your desired Microneedling results:

Be Candid with Your Physician

When you meet with your dermatologist, you’ll be discussing all skin issues. So, if you’re open to him, he’ll be able to help you accordingly. For instance, if you have cold sores or herpes. You’ll need to take antiviral drugs for some time before commencing on CI. Also, if you could be treating any previous skin infection, it’s crucial to mention it.

Although your infection may not be visible, you could still be under medication that you must finish first. Then your practitioner will reschedule your Microneedling treatment to prevent complications of spreading this infection. 

Avoid Scorching Sun

If you love to bask in the sun, you need to know as much as you enjoy this; too much of it may cause damage, kill your skin cells, and develop skin cancer. In addition, exposing yourself to the scorching sun allows the UV rays to penetrate your inner skin layers, causing sunburn. To avoid these, you need to wear a high SPF sunscreen from 50 and put on a hat and sunglasses to avoid sunburn. 

Avoid Microneedling therapy if you got sunscreen two weeks before your treatment. Likewise, you should reschedule this procedure if you recently had an IPL or laser therapy. These use UV rays, and incorporating the two treatments may be too harsh to your skin. 

Avoid Hair Removal Procedure

Before your treatment, you must refrain from getting any hair removal treatment for at least 24 hours or two to three days if your skin is sensitive. That includes waxing or using the cream options. While you may feel like you’re cleaning your skin for a seamless process, this may irritate your skin. Plan this, and it should be okay.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation is an integral part of the skincare procedure as it helps remove dead skin cells and enhances your appearance. Most medical professionals, including dermatologists, recommend this daily skincare routine a few times before Microneedling treatment. However, you must space out the sessions about three days apart. So, before you go for your treatment, you should never exfoliate a night before your procedure. Instead, do it at least two to three days before. 

After Treatment Care

Some people report some swelling after treatment. Elevating your head with a pillow as you sit and sleep will make you feel better for the first night. It also helps to avoid rolling around and pressing your face. 

Change your beddings and ensure they are clean and soft to avoid bacterial exposure to your treated area. Avoid the sun and any strenuous exercise to have the best Microneedling results. 

Is Microneedling A Safe Cosmetic Procedure? 

Yes, Anyone can have a Microneedling procedure to clear active infections, lesions, or any other wound healing skin issue except those with your skin. That includes tender acne cysts. 

Please wait for your skin to clear as these may irritate the area and inflame them. Microneedling in this condition might even spread the bacterial potentially, and you don’t want that. Right? 


If you follow these great tips before your treatment, you’ll enjoy your Microneedling results. One of the winning tricks is always to exercise regular skincare whether you have issues with your skin or not. Microneedling treatment, continually protect your skin by avoiding the sun for ideal Microneedling results. By the time you want to enhance your skin with this procedure, the outcome will be brilliant. 

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