Children from 1 to 3 years old

Children from 1 to 3 years old

5 Games to get acquainted with the water It is well known, and young children love to touch everything! This is what allows them to discover the world and acclimatize to it. It is even more so when they know how to fend for themselves and roam as they please. Between 1 and 3 years, their perception of the world is contrary to yours: the danger does not exist according to theirs. Learn Vocabulary Words That Start With U For Kids

various feelings

However, their discoveries will lead them to various feelings: fear, pleasure, or fun. One of these fantastic discoveries is water: it is fascinating to our babies. Whether you’re afraid of it or not, games can help your child master the water while giving him confidence. Between discovery and a source of pleasure, here are five water games for you to experiment with your child. Make him do the dishes! In a basin, add no more than 6 inches of water as well as a drop of soap or dishwashing liquid and place it on a towel or canvas if you are outdoors.

Child Objects And Containers

Give your child objects and containers, such as a glass or plastic cutlery (to avoid injury) and a sponge. Your little blonde head will be delighted to play with the water and transfer it from one container to another, and for the older ones, to play “pretend” while she has fun with her hands in the water. An activity to repeat whenever requested and to put into practice under supervision. Turn their toys into ice cubes. It is a bit brutal, but the experience is fascinating for them. By freezing toys such as figurines or other cubes and Lego (not too small to avoid the danger of putting in the mouth), your child will discover the melting of the ice cube and, therefore, another form of water.

Child Objects And Containers

You can also immerse them in a basin of hot water so that their toys defrost faster and make them discover the textures and the different temperatures. child objects and containers! Let him experience the jet of water. In mild temperatures, give him the external water jet making sure the flow is not too strong, and let him play as he pleases.

Child Can Quickly Grasp

Your child will be able to spray himself or get completely wet if he maintains some control over his actions. Because the most important thing about discovering water is never to force anything, let your child go at his own pace without rushing him. This game is very suitable for that. The water bottle game This time, without getting wet or dirty, fill a small bottle of water halfway that your child can quickly grasp and that is not too heavy. Slip into glitter or a little oil, for example. Your child can have fun watching the mixes by turning and inverting the bottle as she wishes.

Educational Toy At A Low

A suitable concentration exercise and a fun and educational toy at a low cost! There are many other tips and water games for young children up to three years old, especially in summer when the heat is conducive to this outdoor activity. Wading in a basin, jumping in puddles, or going under a wall of homemade water, are all great and fun ideas that can help your child see water in all its forms and become familiar with it. Your confidence will only come out stronger! The most important thing to remember: always make sure to supervise your children well as soon as they are near a water point, and if they have to play or sit in the water, do not do it. Never pour more than 15 to 25 cm maximum, staying next to it.

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