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Couch Workout – Stay Fit Using Thick Exercise Mat

Do you love doing your Couch Workout? If you love to get your butt off the ground and make progress then you will love a great workout on a flat surface. You can use an exercise mat to create a workout station in your house or apartment. This article is focused on how to set up your own personal space with a great workout mat.

First, decide where you will place your mat. Measure from floor to floor and take a roll of string or a piece of thick carpeting. Cut the string to about 4 feet. You will want to have room for about a half inch of string, but it is best to have more than one foot of length so that you can stretch out the mat surface when doing workouts on a large mat.

Place the thick material on the floor in the position you want for your mat. If possible, cover the entire floor. It is easier to clean up a floor covered in carpet than it is to clean up a hard floor covered in hard tile or concrete. If you have to, put up an area of plastic sheeting to catch any spills.

If you do not have a couch you can use another soft surface. A table cloth is a good choice for a small mat. Spread the foam across the table. If you would like you can place a rolled towel on the foam to give a cushion. Make sure that the towel is easily washable; otherwise you will have to pick up a new towel to place on the mat.

If the mat is in a different room than your living room or kitchen you should place the foam in that room next. Use a thick heavy pad for this location. A thick heavy mat does not have to be expensive. Just make sure the pad is durable and will hold up to abuse.

If you do not own a foam workout mat or cannot afford a high priced one, there are a few inexpensive ones that will do just as good a job. You can find them at your local drug store or home improvement store. Look for a thick foam surface that is cut to resemble a workout mat. Some models even come with a special surface designed to absorb impact. Check the manufacturer’s information for the specific model.

When you place your couch mat outdoors to use as an exercise floor make sure you lay the thick foam on top of an adequately flat ground surface. If you do not have a flat surface use a sidewalk. After laying the mat out, use a rubber mallet or something similar to pry bar to gently knock the mat from side to side. Be careful when doing this to avoid hitting the walls of your house.

The couch workout can also be performed in your own home. If you have a doorway, use it. Or if you only have a small landing, use a wooden block or broom handle to gently knock the mat against the door. This will cause it to bounce back to its original shape. You can also find other resources that can help you design your own special foam exercise mat. Look for articles on the web that focus on creating your own custom foam workout mat.

As a final thought, do not forget to include your personal preference when designing your couch workout. Be creative and try a variety of styles. Be sure to have fun with it and enjoy the process.

You can have fun creating your own couch workout. If you do not know how to design your own, look for ready-to-use exercise flooring in the online home exercise stores. They usually have a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You may even be able to get free shipping on your purchase! If you like to create things from scratch, you can purchase foam puzzle pieces and cut them to the size of your exercise mat.

If you want a more physical form of couch workout, try floor exercises. Floor exercises are the best way to develop upper body strength because the muscles get worked from every angle. They also help to reduce lower body fat. For the mat, just remember that you should add weight so that it is challenging enough without causing an imbalance.

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