Custom Packaging Boxes for Uniquely Creative Presentation

What exactly do we mean by “custom product packaging?” Is it a box that has a logo and the name of your brand? Or is it the box having your product images? Or, is it a packaging having your address, social media handles, and other contact details? Well, custom packaging boxes have it all mentioned above, but it covers much more than this. A custom box is a packing item that carries uniqueness and exclusivity to support your brand’s image while increasing your sales and strengthening your market value.

Good Packaging Tells a Story!

Yes, you can consider your customized boxes an efficient source of marketing. Whenever you are designing a package, use your artistic mind, creative ideas, and imaginative thoughts. That is how you can make your product stand out. You usually get wide-ranging material choices, colors, illustrations, printing, styles and shapes, sizes, and typography. With OXO Packaging, you will never face any problem in customization.

Are you ready to deliver your customer a sensual unboxing experience? If yes, then it is time to kiss goodbye to your unattractive, simple, outdated, straightforward, and boring boxes and shift to the gorgeously styled and outstandingly designed personalized packages showcasing our logo, brand’s name, and promotional phrases!

Custom Packaging Boxes

Think About the Product Specifications While Designing Custom Packaging Boxes

This is the best advice we can give!

How can you create a perfect box when you don’t know the size, color, shape, and category of the product? That is why you need to understand the product and its packaging requirements first and then start laying out its design, print, pattern, and box style. You must begin with the following three basic questions:

  1. What is the product?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. Where are you going to sell your product?

The answers to these questions will assist you in choosing the suitable material, size, and color scheme. The better you understand your customer, the more quickly you will be able to craft a masterpiece!

Save Planet, Save Money – Eco-Friendly Boxes

Many businesses are still ignorant, but it is high time you start thinking about taking a turn to ecologically safe and 100% biodegradable packaging material. If people see your brand advocating for environmentally friendly packaging, you will impress all the green lovers. In fact, by using nature-friendly packaging, you will encourage the use of paper material.

Kraft Packaging Boxes are comparatively sturdier options with a more excellent reliability factor. Besides, it is a highly customizable material that can be designed in any shape and color. Such compostable materials add zero landfills. Even if you are low on budget, you can have this fantastic option. They offer maximum resistance against adversative climatic conditions such as heat, humidity, and sudden falls/ shock.

Bonus: When printing, ensure that you are using eco-friendly ink.

Follow the Rule of Simplicity in Printed Packaging Boxes

Always remember: Simplicity is the key.

With intricate designs and complicated patterns, awkward box shapes, and unreadable messages, you might make people ignore your product. But, with simple yet chic, straightforward yet elegant, basic yet attractive designs, you will surely win the buyer’s heart! Do not overdo or else it radiates negative vibes. The design must have the quality and magic to increase the interest of the customers.

The chief purpose of the package is to offer safety to the products during shipment. So, choose a strengthened material. The second purpose is to add extra beauty to your quality product. So, choose a timeless, visually attractive box design for custom packaging boxes. Keep it simple but not cliché. The product must offer ease of use.

An effective product package comes equipped with essential details of the brand and the product. A custom box option can get a pricey choice, but not with OXO Packaging.

Think of Securing Your Products

Keeping the primary purpose of custom boxes wholesale in mind of product’s safety, you need to make a design, choose a style, and pick a material that ensures protection, especially if you are delivering delicate and breakable items. The material must avert damages and breakage. You better use a break-proof seal, as well. For enhanced safety, don’t forget to add inserts. Inserts keep your product at its place safely. The newest trend is magnetic lid boxes. These magnets firmly close your Packaging Boxes and offer clients a first-class unboxing experience.

Never Overlook Your Budget!

You need to be unique and extraordinary in custom printed boxes without getting out of your budget. Typically, the packaging design budget is broken down into two extensive categories:

  • One-time costs – including payments for the new design work, a new stamp, and print plate setup.
  • Per-item costs – commonly for materials or labor that needs to be paid after some time again and again

Brand requirements

Occasionally a product is stand-alone, and in some cases, it demonstrates a well-known brand. If your packaging desires to embody a specific brand aesthetic, ensure you’ve grouped the following info before you initiate:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Logo

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