Deception In SEO Promotion. Free Promotion: Myth Or Reality?

The time had come when you started thinking about SEO services in Karachi promotion of your site, realizing that contextual advertising, SMM, and email marketing are not enough to promote your business.

Of course, you are not a guru in checking a website for promotion. And you will not be able to understand so easily whether you have met SEO scammers who offered a free upgrade on the Internet or you were lucky to cooperate with an SEO company that is working to optimize and develop your resource.

In this blog, we share with you helpful information and our observations on SEO website promotion for free and how we promote websites ourselves in our internet marketing agency.

Now let’s remember what SEO promotion was like 4-5 years ago.

  • SEO promotion specialists wrote a text sheet on the resource page and filled it with all sorts of keywords – this is how the site soon took top positions in Yandex and Google. The longer the sheet was at the experts, he received the title of calm. These times have sunk into oblivion because search robots have become more competent and struggle with similar methods.


  • There was also a popular option – to buy links, and preferably more. They bought links on particular exchanges and then rejoiced at increasing the site’s position in search engines.

The latter method was highly convenient for those studios that used CEO cheating. So, for example, for SEO for a website. The client was called an amount of 30,000 rubles, then links for five thousand were purchased, and as a result, the agency received all 25,000 for the work.

If the client ended cooperation with the agency

The links did not work either, and the resource lost the coveted positions in search engines – the client applied for SEO to this studio again.

Using such black methods has passed because search engines react significantly negatively to this and impose sanctions. In addition, it has become necessary for robots how visitors behave on the resource.

For this reason, SEOs began to use robots that imitate human behavior on the site and thus improve the statistics of the behavioral factor. So the sites occupied top places in the search results, but soon the search engines began to impose sanctions for such machinations ☺

And here, a reasonable question has already arisen, what methods to use for SEO to promote the site?

Now there is almost no fraudulent SEO, and a lot of companies, attracting new clients to promote sites, write well-worn tricks like

  • “100% promotion guarantee”
  • “Let’s promote RF queries to the TOP.”
  • “We optimize the usability of the site.”
  • “Will increase conversions.”

Let’s figure out together what is hiding behind these phrases and how SEOs work now.

100% promotion guarantee – sounds tempting

No guarantees existed and did not exist – this is just a gimmick. Why? And because besides your website and SEO studio, the search engine is the key figure here.

Let’s imagine that the agency has provided you with guarantees, and after a couple of days, the search engine has significantly changed its algorithms. How can warranties be given in this case? The only thing that the studio can promise is guarantees that the work will be completed and on time.

Similar guarantee phrases usually back up free SEO website promotion:
  • We guarantee to bring the site to the TOP-10
  • Here guarantee financial integrity
  • Guarantee results

It is only a marketing ploy of inexperienced clients whose knowledge of SEO is minimal. And a method to win over the client. These phrases are not justified and are not valid, even if they appear in a cooperation agreement.

Let’s promote RF queries to the TOP, or what’s the catch.

SEOs like to operate with terms like “number of impressions by the phrase,” “frequency,” and sales managers perfectly describe the great importance of frequency to clients using “Just imagine what kind of customer flow you will receive if we bring this request to the TOP!”,

Offer from the series “Let’s promote the site by the Nth number of requests!”

Indeed you have come across attractive phrases like “Promote 10-100 requests for ten thousand”, “We offer an initial rate. 10 requests for 10 thousand rubles, “and others.

At this point, business owners who don’t know SEO think, “Great. I’ll pick the ten requests I need and give them to SEOs for promotion. “Here, both the businessman and the specialists who place such catchy advertising headlines are wrong.

Let’s talk in more detail about the reasons why the masses think so:

  1. The business owner is sure that he knows 100% which requests the site needs to be promoted and for which not.

The businessman probably does not consider the indicator of the frequency of the selected request – this request may not be entered by users at all.

And it often happens that clients insist on specific requests, thinking of them as relevant, but in practice, they are also not reasonable. The main goal is to get more leads and sales, so positions mean little here.

In addition, requests can be informational or commercial. For example, if we talk about business and the sale of goods or services, we are interested in commercial inquiries. Therefore, they will include the words “buy,” “sell,” and others, while the information requests will contain only information about a product or a specific service.

  1. Why does he agree to a specific number of requests – ten, twenty, three hundred?

Let’s talk about your site’s semantics or semantic core (SJ), which includes a complete list of queries by which users can find you. Typically, CY contains more than one thousand key queries, so a proposal to promote a dozen or hundreds of phrases looks a little strange.

If you have high-frequency queries and the picture of competitors teeming with many similar offers, it will be challenging to move to the top positions in the search engine results or SEO Promotion.

Returning to the question of guarantees, does it make sense if you are limited to a dozen or a hundred key phrases? When promoting a site, it is essential to build on the entire semantic core or SEO Promotion.

How SEO companies share

Some companies work on the principle of a pipeline; some studios work with a small number of SEO sites.


Conveyor companies employ more salesforce than SEO staff. You go company like this and get a rate of fifteen to thirty thousand a month for a CEO? We agreed to the terms and started cooperation.

How much time does this company devote to your task per month? Maximum three hours, and during this time, the writing of the work report is also included.

A month later, you received a beautiful report on the work done, but you did not notice the result in the website promotion. You receive promises from the company – to achieve the desired effect in three to four months.

It takes a lot of time to get these beautiful reports

But I do not understand these works’ actual results. Here you decide to end the partnership – you are offered incredible bonuses, discounts, and more, including free SEO. Yet, here you have refused or again agreed to continue cooperation.

In the meantime, while you were working fantastic agency, they are attracting a dozen more customers similar to you to cooperation. Therefore, nothing terrible will happen if you refuse them – a stream of new clients has already been recruited.

And then you’ll be wondering, how does a firm upload a 50-page job report for you with just three hours a month? Again, it’s simple – such beautiful dummies appear from automated site audit services.

Conscientious SEO firms

It is clear that such companies are not engaged in SEO scams, but find out in advance about this – what to guess by the cards. Then, pay attention to essential details that will help you understand the integrity of the company:

  • After discussing the details of your project, you received a personal strategy – understandable and written down to the smallest detail.
  • You get clarifying questions from specialists.
  • Discuss tasks in a large group
  • You are introduced to files on the syllabus, text content, and others.
  • The team sticks to the plan.

As a result, you can always find out what each step brought and observe the dynamics of the site’s positions and gain new customers.

Before contracting with an SEO firm, take a look at the list of questions they should ask:
  • Learn about the business, its features, and critical customer benefits
  • What is important to promote from services or goods in the first place
  • The basis of the profit of your business, what do you sell additionally
  • The business development plans
  • They will ask you how you got ahead and what the results were

If none of these questions have been asked, consider whether it is worth working with an SEO firm. They cannot know about your business without talking to you. And besides this, an audit is necessary at the very beginning. If the company offered to conduct a detailed analysis – well, no – look for other contractors.

Audit – a competitive environment

With the help of an audit, it is easy to understand resources in your topic, which are approved search engines, and what methods your rivals use. Should be present on the site in general.

If the company has not offered such an analysis, refuse their services.

Audit – technical

Any technical errors should not be present on the site. 

  1. First option. You have received an excellent report made with the help of an automated service that will show the technical condition of the resource. This method will not display all the errors present.


There is only one question left to answer – why do a lot of companies and owners of all kinds of businesses not believe in SEO and that this tool can work effectively? And the thing is that unscrupulous SEO firms deceive these clients because their sites were not promoted but only took money for the work and did nothing in the end.

You are also aware of how not to get caught in the scam of such companies, pseudo-promoting sites. When looking for a contractor, choose a company that will argue the entire strategy for promotion, give clear reasons, prepare the necessary audits, and always be in touch with you.

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