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Design your landing page with Google Analytics

Most web designers and SEO Perth company use Google Analytics for complex marketing campaigns to make a massive number of tables, pie charts, and graphs. Web analytics is the domain of sales, advertising, or business development professionals. The scope of this tool is much wider because the more decisions are made based on statistical indicators, the better for all aspects of the activity. 

This article will share how Google Analytics can help you design your landing page and assess its usability. 

Beginning of work

Suppose you are just getting started with Google Analytics. In that case, it is recommended that you make a list of specific features, answer the most important questions because a large amount of new information will help you not go wrong. 

Below we have listed the most common of them, but before that, we will introduce you to the essential functions of the services. There are three main ways to collect in-depth information to design new pages: Page analytics, Users behavior, and content analysis. 

Page Analytics: 

The page analytic tools demonstrate which areas are most attractive to users. You will identify the warm places within the page and check out the total number of visits.  

This step is crucial for a quick assessment of a landing page design. you can judge the effectiveness of a particular part of a page’s effectiveness by looking at the screens without unnecessary statistical details. 

Users Behavior:

Google analytics behavioral map illustrates how users navigate a resource. It helps to track movements on your site and understand which of the actions your visitors are not taking. Thus, you can evaluate and correct navigation and optimize the cold places of the website to get more clicks. 

Content Analysis:

This is the 2nd most crucial step you have to do landing page design is still on top. Content helps users understand what type of content their users love to read and gauge the popularity of the content and the time spent on viewing. 

What questions do you need to ask yourself? 

Here we have listed some most exciting questions you should ask before designing a landing page or creating a new website. Let’s look at a few examples. 

How to understand user expectations?

To design a website or create landing pages, it is crucial to understand users’ expectations. Referral statistics will help you solve this problem. With the help of Google Analytics tools, you can get the list of sites and web pages from where users are coming to your website. And the number of such clicks you’re getting. Try to figure out what people are targeting by clicking on a certain link. It will help design the best landing pages to present information beautifully.

Finally, Bounce Rates, or the percentage of users who view only one page, can also indicate a mismatch with visitors’ expectations on Google analytics. 

What are people interest in?

Statistics available Google analytics allows you to see data about your users: their age, gender, demographics, interests, which you can use later to design your website for your target audience. 

How to trace the user’s path?

The user’s path will help you optimize your overall website performance. Tracking users will probably be useful for finding out which route your users are choosing on your site to influence. Their choice and lead to the most exciting pages for conversion. Navigation weaknesses can be identify by paying particular attention to the user flow. Which is the starting point for analyzing audience behavior.

How can I check the quality of navigation?

The Site Search section in the Behaviors section demonstrates how people search. How quickly they find what they want, what difficulties they experience when navigating. The lists of requests are available for viewing through the search box of the page and the general frequency of use.


A detailed study of the capabilities of Google Analytics opens up great opportunities for working with the site. Not only for sales and promotion specialists but also for designers and UX developers.

Continue to get acquainted with the rest of the service’s functionality and try other analytical systems. Such as Google metrics, to create a convenient, effective interface.

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