Difference between PNB Personal Loan and Axis Bank Personal Loan

Personal Loan: Axis Bank’s mobile bank service provides many benefits for customers. This includes the ease of making quick and simple transactions. Mobile banking services are available right from your smartphone and don’t require registration. All bank savings, current, and NRI account holders can access this service. Axis mobile banking offers the following services to all customers:

  • Basic banking services
  • Personalize your interface
  • Get retail and business loans
  • Instantly open a savings account
  • Exclusive deals

All Savings account holders who have registered for SMS Banking (except NRI), will be charged Rs. 15 per quarter (exclusively taxes)

Convenience added

Information about your account can be requested from anywhere you are, at any hour of the day or night. To receive information about your account, PNB knowledge center send an SMS with the keyword to +919717000002 (or 5676782*).


Axis Bank’s SMS Banking Service provides information in two ways.

Automatic Alerts

  • For all transactions made through Card/s or InternetBanking, you will automatically be notified on your registered mobile number. Other transactions (initiated through the branch, system, cheque, etc.) For transactions exceeding Rs. 5, you will be notified by SMS. 5,000. These alerts will be sent to all account holders with Savings accounts that have two or more holders.
  • Bill payments due You will receive an alert on the cell phone if you have been registered for bill payment. This alert will inform you that a bill is currently pending payment.

SMS Requests

You can check your balance and view the transactions from the previous three transactions. You can also track the status of your cheques. Send an SMS to the SMS Banking number 5676782* with the keyword you want to use.

The following information can be requested:

  • Balance
  • The last three transactions
  • Find the closest ATM
  • Customer ID
  • Cheque Book Request

You can now recharge your Mobile, DTH, or Datacard with a simple SMS to 5676782 (or 9717000002)

Axis Bank Mobile Banking:

  • Security: You will be notified of every debit or credit exceeding a certain amount. Keep track of your account transactions from anywhere in the world.
  • Convenience: No need to wait at the ATM to verify your accounts.
  • Time Savings: You don’t need to travel to ATMs or branches to track your account.
  • Receive automatic updates about bill payments and schedule payments on your mobile.
  • Accessibility You can access this service anywhere you are in the world, even while on the go.
  • No Charge: All you have to do is pay the SMS charges.
  • Bill Payments Book services like movie tickers, train, and air tickets are an add-on service that makes life easier and more comfortable

Which bank is better for personal loans – PNB or Axis Bank

PNB offers a lower Personal Loan EMI of Rs. 2071 for 60 months compared to Axis Bank which has a minimum EMI at Rs. 2149 for 60 months. PNB currently has a /5.0 average customer rating, making it an attractive choice for Personal Loans.

Which bank has a lower interest rate for Personal Loans – PNB or Axis Bank?

Current rates show that PNB has a lower interest rate at 8.90% for loans than Axis Bank which offers a Personal loan at 10.49%.

What is the difference between PNB Personal Loan and Axis Bank Personal Loan?

To fully compare PNB and Axis Bank’s loan terms and conditions, it is crucial to do so in order to understand the differences and make informed decisions. Each bank’s offer has pros and cons, so it is important to evaluate each one before making a decision on pikashow app for pc. The comparison between the banks yielded the following key results:

  • The lowest interest rate for PNB loans is 8.90%. This is lower than Axis Bank’s 10.49%. PNB offers a lower loan option.
  • PNB charges 1.8% + taxes for Personal Loans. Axis Bank charges Rs.4,999.
  • Axis Bank provides Personal Loans up to Rs 25 Lakh while PNB offers Loans up to Rs 15 Lakh. If you need a large amount, Axis Bank is a better choice.
  • A personal loan is a superior option because of the foreclosure facility. PNB offers the option of closing the loan within Zero Months at Nil prepayment fees and Axis Bank allows the loan to be closed after 1 month at For Loan Amt Approved at 10 Lacs and above-0 0% FC charges after 12EMIs. If closure through OWN FUNDS, 1-12 EMI-5, 13-24 EMI-4%, 25-36 EMI-3%, and Above 36 EMI-2, respectively, PNB is a better choice for personal loans.
  • Part-payment of Personal Loans can be made by Axis Bank or PNB after one month at 1-12 EMI-5, 13-24 EMI-4%, 25–36 EMI-3, and Above 36 EMI-2. Axis Bank charges a 1-12 EMI-5, 13-24 EMI-4, 25-36 EMI-3, & Above 36 EMI-22% charge for Personal Loan. PNB charges no charges.
  • Axis Bank’s average customer rating is 4.4. Axis Bank, on the other hand, has an average customer rating of 4.4. This shows that Axis Bank is focused on customer service and has a fast turnaround.

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