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Do you make these mistakes when buying gym equipment?

When it comes to gym equipment, there are plenty of options out there. But, not every option suits your needs. More often than not, the gym owners make a lot of mistakes when buying machines for their centers. The same is true for that getting equipment for their personal use.

We don’t want this to happen to you. This is why we have discussed the mistakes you should avoid when buying your products from gym equipment manufacturers.

Not calculating your ground space

Every gym and home has a certain ground space for placing the equipment. Calculating this space ensures you have enough area for other activities: Zumba, yoga, etc. Plus, properly managing the space gives plenty of areas for the gym members to relax or have interaction with their gym trainers.

Unfortunately, a lot of gyms and homes don’t take this point seriously. They waste a lot of their gym area, as a result. The best thing to do is to use around 60 percent of your space for weights, cables machines, and cardio equipment, etc. The rest of the area should be utilized for shower rooms, lockers, reception desks, and other things. Mark the space for every machine you will be putting in your center, including treadmills, cycles, cross trainers, and more.

Buying everything in the store

It happens with a lot of us. We tend to purchase everything that’s available in the store. The gym equipment manufacturers make us believe that we need an item from each category they have. Avoid this scenario by preparing a list of equipment you need. If you aren’t sure about the equipment, prepare a list of categories and types of exercises you want your members to perform in your health center. Do a little online research to add or remove the products from the list. It always helps to visit a few existing gyms while preparing the list. In the current era, many gyms also post videos of their centers on YouTube and other platforms. Get inspiration from those places. The sales professionals will also try to sell the costliest model of every product. Buy it only if you have enough budget.

Not asking about the instructions

Every machine comes with dos and don’ts related to usage. All such instructions ensure there are no accidents when using those machines. After all, the safety of the staff, members, and yourself is of prime importance. A reliable gym equipment supplier provides you with the instructions. These instructions are present in the packaging. In case you don’t get one, ask the supplier about those instructions. Note them down in a place that is easily accessible. Share these instructions with your team members and other users. If possible, get a print of do’s and don’ts and place it on or near the machine.

Not asking about the maintenance

You can consider it an extension of the above point. The companies offering gym equipment also provide the details of the maintenance of the machines. The commercial treadmill suppliers specifically have proper documentation on repair, usage, and maintenance.

The gym owners and home users ignore such instructions. In reality, following the maintenance tips and instructions increases the life of the equipment. Ask the company about those instructions before buying. Make sure the people responsible for taking care of the machines know about them. As a gym owner or manager, you should check them at least on a monthly basis. You will come to know if a specific task needs to be done about a machine or not.

Buying the cheapest gym equipment

This is the most common mistake on the list. We finalize the seller or manufacturer based on the cheapest prices. A lot of us don’t realize that such machines are made with poor quality materials. They don’t undergo proper quality testing or do not follow industry standards. The gym owners end up paying a lot for their repairs regularly. It can also prove to be dangerous for the users. For these reasons, you shouldn’t select your gym equipment on the basis of the price alone. Check the features, the reputation of the makers, too. You should specifically ask about the warranty from the commercial treadmill suppliers. Also, you should compare the prices of equipment from different shops before buying. The websites of the suppliers make the process easier for you.

The Bottom Line:  Although buying gym equipment isn’t rocket science, taking it too lightly can cost you a lot. We hope avoiding the above-discussed mistakes ensures your gym has the right set of machines. Your clientele will find your center the right place to flex their muscles and reduce weight. And as a home user, you will be sure you don’t spend a lot and stay safe while using the machines.


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