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Does Social Media Integration with Websites Help Drive Leads?

Your website is the central hub for drawing leads, and you must integrate your social media channels with your website. You can control the customer experience and remove the distractions that your audience may feel. Devising adequate social media integration strategies can help to improve brand awareness and assure a steady flow of leads for the business. This article will discuss why social media integration is necessary for your website.

The changing behavioural patterns of clients has led businesses to make changes to their outreach strategies. Users have been using social networks for various activities. Research states that around 4.48 billion people use different social media channels globally, up from 2.07 billion in 2015. (Source: Backlinko). Social media can open up endless avenues of growth for brands.

How can Social Media Integration Benefit Your Website?

You must have come across the social media buttons on various websites. The social media channels and the website must work seamlessly. It helps to increase the audience outreach and build a bigger audience on social media. We will discuss some of the benefits here.

Broader audience outreach

Web admins can devise several digital strategies, but few of them will have a broader audience like social media. Businesses can formulate various methods to use viral content to increase their audience outreach. It can amplify the outreach of your brand and raise awareness too.

The business is empowered and can connect directly with the target market. You can also address customer queries and use the social media page to update followers and fans with any news quickly.

The website becomes interactive

It is essential to create excellent content, but it must be propagated among a vast audience too. How can it be done? By allowing visitors to share them on their social media pages. It can help websites to be more interactive and keep the visitors engaged too.

Your website must be engaging to increase dwell time and assure repeat visitors. The engagement capabilities of the website are increased manifold. The website becomes dynamic and provides visitors with a reason to engage with it.

Better analytics and reporting

When businesses leverage the social media footprints of their users, it helps them have a deep understanding of their behavioural patterns. It can help them create targeted media that can bring in more impressions and thereby additional conversions.

Web admins can use software to collate various comments, messages and replies across social media to assess the brand. Companies can use the comprehensive data generated by different channels and launch optimised campaigns.

More social following

When you integrate social media with your website, you allow the audience to move between your website and social media channels quickly. It can also help in increasing the social followers organically.

You can have the relevant CTA buttons at proper positions on the website or the social media channels to encourage more visitors to follow your business. Once the visitors follow your brand, they can keep in touch with your brand and their inclination towards your brand increases.

Build social proof

One of the benefits of social media integration is that it helps to build upon social proof. Several users will be using your hashtags to create various types of content about your brand. These mentions can help to show how much others like your solutions.

User-generated content is always vibrant and corresponds to various cultures globally. The website becomes vibrant and can also showcase your latest and most effective posts.

How can you Generate more Leads using Social Media?

Let us now know how you can generate more leads using social media.

Profile optimisation

Before even thinking about leads, you must optimise your social media profiles. Remember to provide your details and contact information. You must create the call-to-action buttons using the features available on the various channels. Also, add a link to your bio. Optimising the landing page can help you to collect leads organically.

Create enticing content

Several brands are vying for the same prospects that you are targeting. The content must be sharp enough to break the clutter. You must optimise the creatives to suit the needs of the audience. It will ensure more shares and clicks that will help to increase the impression it desires.

Provide the best incentives

You can sweeten the deal through discount coupons in exchange for the CTA that you intended to win. Introduce contests and sweepstakes correctly to win over the audience. You can also create gated content where the users must provide their contact information in return for the document when they wish to download it.

Designing the landing pages

While having a website is necessary, you must also be creative with the landing pages. Do not present the users coming through social media with a drab landing page. An excellent landing page is seamless and can provide the users with a clear overview of the business activities. Always personalise the landing pages according to the behavioural patterns of the audience. You can also pre-fill information for the users in the contact form.

Few Drupal Modules for Social Media Integration

Drupal is among the common CMSs used for complex websites. We have collated some of the modules you need for Drupal social media integration.

AddToAny Share Buttons

You can use the social sharing buttons across various channels like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Reddit, Pinterest, etc. The buttons are precise and scalable to any size. They look fantastic on high PPI screens and load efficiently.

Social media share

This Drupal module helps the user to share a web page to various social media platforms. The developer can modify the elements before rendering and have the flexibility to add additional services.

Social Auth Google

The module allows users to login and register to the Drupal website using the Google account. Based on the Social API and Social Auth projects, the module enables authentication using Google services.

Like & Dislike

This module allows the like and dislike widgets for the web content within the Drupal website. The widget works for all bundles and entity types. There is a settings page where the developer can specify the bundles where the widgets are needed.

Social Media Links Block and Field

This module provides a customisable block that can display the link to various social media profiles. It allows developers to devise a “Follow Us” feature quickly. The block is available to the different site editors.


Businesses face a need to use reasonable means to increase the audience for their website. The social media channels provide a cost-effective and organic means to grow the audience for the website. Businesses can use networking channels to make the website more interactive and provide a better experience for visitors.

Understandably, you must integrate your website with different social media channels. It can aid in having a steady flow of qualified leads for the business. You can integrate your website to the social media pages by using various plugins. It is crucial to implement the correct tactics for a positive impact on the leads you receive.

Are you looking forward to integrating the website with your social media pages? Dial-in the experts!

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