Do’s & Don’ts for the Hoboken Santacon this season

It was a full celebration all through this town just the night before the commencement of Santacon. The biggest mass celebration of all time! The kids were on resting clocks, working on their countdowns. The season was up in full gear for the Santas to take over the Hoboken Santacon this season, crawling their way bar hopping.

So, what are you waiting for? Dig out your Santa suits as 16th December marks the official Santacon in town! You can hit out to the Santacon NYC this 9th December, being the ideal way of spreading. This Christmas cheer back-to-back, indulging into the list of drinks that are up!

Today, we have brought together for you a few Do’s and Don’ts to help navigate through this day, guiding you on everything drinking at the Mile Square to celebrate your Santacon parties. 

DO Start Early/Pre-Game Hoboken Santacon 

The Santacon New Jersey is set to get started at 11 am, and this would leave a lot of time for you, along with your friends, to sip up a few of the cranberry mimosas which you can have with your group. So, gear up and wait if you are looking to start off late!

DON’T forget your Costume

It is the event that would start off as a crawl of Santas in their costumes. Then expanded over to the elves of Father Santa to snowmen and Sugar Plum fairies. Keep in mind that it is December. And there would be no doubt that the temperature would be near-to-freezing. So, ensure that you are wearing those thigh highs with no coats under your own risk.

DO carry a Gift or Donation

There are participants at the Boston Santacon, where the participants are being invited to tag along with some new donations as well as new toys to aid your kid in need for this holiday season.

DON’T Start a Brawl

It is an added word of caution here. Do not be the person in the suit of Santa along with the handcuffs. It would bring about a lot of trouble and hinder the fun.

DO contains an End Game

The long queues, cold weather, and the general lethargy to drink would slow you down completely this Santacon San Francisco while it is the ideal to crawl through this town in a cozy suite of Santa that would appear to be a lot of fun at first. Choose a bar that you would like to head out to. This is the way in which all in your group will understand. Where to end up in the case when you get separated from the rest.

DON’T plan to head Hoboken Bars

There are bars out there that are a Go to zones for the holiday fanatics as not each bar in Hoboken is surely to participate in the Santacon PartiesThe bars like the Moran’s, Grand Vin as well as Northern Soul should be avoided at all costs.

Do not fail to check out the Christmas tree lighting

You need to ensure that you should be standing out front at the City Hall on Washington. It would help you in checking out the bigger Christmas tree that can light at the initial time.

It’s that magical time of 12 months once more in which grown ladies and men don Santa clothes and drink to their heart’s content. Happy Hours in the Hoboken is quite a pride in terms of being a part of Hoboken Santacon this year, and it’s evolving as much as the event that is memorable.

The layout is a bit exceptional than maximum bar crawls, which you are likely used to. Instead of a hard and fast schedule, the move slowly will begin at 11 am on the registration factors, after which you could move slowly anyplace you need and take your very own direction in the course of the town.

thesantacon has been around supplying fun, social, holiday drink environments since 2011, and each year we get bigger and better. When it comes to organizing the ultimate Santa event in Santacon Hoboken, we got it all covered. Known around the nation as the #1 SantaCon Pub Crawl service, makes sure that you have not only a great time, but also the best variety in town. Our goal is to provide a fun, social setting for people to come together and celebrate our favorite holiday season!

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