Enhance Your On Demand Multi Business With Gojek Clone And Reap The Benefits Of Success Shortly

An app like Gojek will help entrepreneurs like you crave your success story in stone because profit-making is in the very DNA of this All-In-One-Services app. It is so because of its two primary business models – Commission-based and Subscription Plans.

Commission-based business model? What’s so charming about it?

The charm is in the fact that the App Owner earns a commission on every single service rendered.  And order placed through this Powerful Gojek like App. The commission is a certain percentage of the total bill charged to the customer that the Service Providers are obligated to pay the App Owner per order. Different commission rates are charged for different genres of services rendered. The App Owner enjoys the absolute authority to decide the commission rates for all the 70 plus on-demand services rendered through the app.

You will be cashing in on profits even when you are away kayaking in Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park

What is so mystifying about the Subscription Plans of the Gojek Clone App?

Service Providers no longer have to pay commission per ride/order/service rendered to the App Owner. This is a Commission- Free zone. Instead, the App Owner will design multiple Subscriptions Plans with different timespan ranging from a month, three-month to yearly packages from which the Service Provider has to choose one. Then all that the Service Provider has to do is to buy a Subscription Plan and make a one-time payment of say $100 for the one-month Plan. Then the Service Providers can provide countless services without the burden of paying a small portion of the money earned to the App Owner. And once the Subscription expires, the App Owner can no longer accept service requests. But the App Owner can set in notification alerts for the Service Provider to send constant reminders before the expiry date of the Subscription Plan.

One of the prime benefits of Gojek Clone App is that you’ll get Richie Rich overnight!

Let us browse through a few of the phenomenal features of this jam-packed brilliance!

Why to do TV commercial ads when you can promote your services on this App

This is a shout-out to all the Service Providers associated with this historic mankind invention that now you can Promote your services on this On-Demand Multi Services App by actively advertising it through visually creative banners. The App Owner has to first enable this feature by logging into the Admin Panel and only then both the Users and the Service Providers can view it. It is the first thing that pops up on the display screen of the app after successfully logging in. A vibrant advertisement banner that reads “Flat 50 % off on your first machine dryer car wash for new users”.

         Also, the App Owner decides how frequently the ad banners should pop in.

         Designing ad banners are fun!

The App Owner has to fill in the following details while creating an advertisement banner for the App. Punch in “Advertisement Name” followed by uploading a pre-designed Banner Image in the Admin Panel. Then decide the Display order to be either Random or sequential and finally put in the exact Redirecting URL. Whenever a banner is displayed on the User’s screen, one might get curious to know more about the offer. So when the user clicks on the banner, one gets redirected to a third-party link for which these Redirecting URLs are a necessity.

Taxi Drivers apply Toll charges manually!

This feature enables Taxi Drivers to collect Toll charges from the Riders. After the trip has ended, the Taxi Driver manually punches in Toll charges and Other Charges such as Parking lot tickets and sends a notification to the Rider to verify and approve the charges. There are two methods available for verification of extra charges apart from the Trip fare. They are OTP-based and User-Approval.

The Toll charges are included in Taxi Drivers’ earnings and are exempted from tax.


Gojek Clone App will never cease to surprise you with its coming-of-age highly advanced features. Could you have imagined even in your wildest imagination to be able to book Taxis through one tap on your smart-watch? It is now a reality with Taxi Booking iWatch App which is the pride of App like Gojek.


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