Express your floral love and send flowers to Kanpur

Every culture has a special place for gifting flowers, and everyone encourages this act too. Many gifts are expensive and otherworldly, but very few presents can touch the heart. Flowers have always been the go-to gift for centuries. Although it is relatively inexpensive, people have felt cheered when they see their favourite blooms. Flowers are the perfect way to bring joy to people, no matter what the occasion. That makes bouquets the ultimate gift, regardless of the event. Since prehistoric times, flowers have made their place in culture as a special offering, and their influence hasn’t waned in modern times either.

One of the most prominent reasons behind gifting flowers is to communicate our emotions. Bouquets can express any emotion, ranging from happiness, gratitude to grief. No practice has even been as useful in communication as flowers have been. Blooms have always captivated history, and the early Victorians made a way to communicate their feelings through the language of flowers. The language of flowers has a lot of things to consider- the colour, the type of bloom, and even the number of flowers present in the bouquet matter.

Where to buy bouquets and send flowers to Kanpur?

We all would like to have fresh flowers greet us when we get home. If you want to surprise your loved ones in Kanpur with a beautiful bouquet, then there are many options for you. There are countless efficient online flower delivery portals in India, and they will handle long-distance delivery issues. Among the good ones, Oyegifts is one name to watch out for, Their floral arrangements are tasteful and gorgeous, and all of their collections are surprisingly affordable.

You can send flowers to Kanpur, or indeed to any other Indian city, at minimal cost with the services of Oyegifts. Their skilled professionals guarantee speedy delivery without damaging the gift.

What bouquets to buy when you want to send flowers to Kanpur?

There are many popular bouquets to choose from, take your pick-

Rose bouquet

Roses have captured the imagination of men for so long. They are the eternal symbols of love and passion, as well as war. Red roses are perhaps the most common Valentine’s Day gift; a sweet gesture for young lovers. However, there are many hues of the rose, and each colour signifies something different. White roses symbolize sweetness and purity, and people use them at weddings too. When they first cultivated roses, most of them were pink, and now pink roses are symbols of appreciation and femininity. Even the number of roses in a bouquet make a difference.

Lily bouquet

Just like roses, lilies are versatile too, and they come in many different colours. Lilies have a place in history as being the most majestic of flowers. Greek mythology says that the Goddess Hera is the creator of lilies. Pink lilies are the symbols of compassion and admiration, a perfect gift for your female colleague. Much like the colour white, these white flowers also represent purity and modesty in modern times. We can find these lilies in funerals or moments of condolence. Lilies even come in orange colour, and they represent the energy and confidence of the sender.

Orchid Bouquet

Orchids are the symbols of luxury, so much so that we often refer to them as the champagne of flowers. They have been the favourites of many when it comes to decoration, and they also happen to be surrounded by symbolism. Many people believe that the orchids are the symbols of love because they are capable of growth even in harsh conditions. Early Victorians considered orchids to be exotic, and it was a symbol of love and affection to give someone orchids back then. Ancient Greeks had their own belief, and they linked orchids to male fertility. Orchids have many colours- pinks, whites, oranges, yellows and reds.

Carnation bouquet

Carnations have been around for a long time, and they are symbols of love, affection and distinction. These flowers have pink spiky petals, and so many call them “pinks”. In France, carnations have the honour of being the traditional funeral flower. But carnations are not limited to expressions of grief, they come in various colours, and each colour comes with its meaning. Many artists and poets have written about the beauty of this bloom. They come in whites, reds, yellows and purple.

Mixed flowers

If you think that sending a bouquet with only one type of flower is overrated, then you can choose to go for a mixed flowers bouquet. These types of bouquets have a beautiful arrangement of your favourite blossoms. Oyegifts makes wonderful flower bouquets, and these mixed creations are pocket-friendly too!

Flowers are the perfect gift, it doesn’t matter if you want to go to a birthday party or a wedding. You can get your favourite flowers at any decent floral store, and express your feelings with wonderful petals.  The difference in emotion comes from the peculiarities of the flowers, their size, colour, and even their history.

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