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Features Of Google Docs Highlighter Tool For Windows

Google docs highlighter is a great tool that highlights the content you want to edit or create in Google Documents. Also, you can highlight a selected text, a word, or a paragraph, depending on what you’re working on. And you can also export your highlighted text to a different document using a color sequence. It also helps you organize your work and emphasize or categorize your ideas.

As you can already see how great the highlighter is, we’ll also look at the ins and outs of Google Docs and learn a few exciting features it has.

Before we get to the features of the Google docs highlighter, you can get the highlight tool via the “Add-On” menu in a Google Doc. Under this menu, you’ll find the “Get Add-Ons,” click on it, then navigate to the highlight tool, and install it. After successful installation, you can now use this tool in any Google Doc.

Import and Export Docs By Color Set

One of the fantastic qualities you will love is the highlighter importing and exporting the highlighted text to another document in various colors. It will be easier to notice the highlighted content as this calls for attention. 

So, you can export your content in an organized manner to a new document. All your work and ideas will appear neatly arranged by color and label.

Save the Colors For Future Use  

By doing this, you get quick access to what you need. Some of the benefits of the highlight tool include giving feedback on student essays or reports. For instance, a teacher can create a set of highlighters to give grammar feedback on the student’s story or essays. 

And there can be a specific color for right and wrong. So, the teacher can create a different color-coded grammar highlighter. 

You’ll need to go to the Highlighter Library” and name your set of highlighters. Then assign each color with a label. For example, the purple color can represent “punctuation” errors and red for grammar mistakes. When you need to add more highlighters, you will click “Create Highlighters.” Save your work. 

Using a highlighter in Google docs can be a real time saver. Instead of explaining where the mistake is for every student, he will use a specific color to show this. The student also doesn’t have to wait for long to get where he made an error, as the highlight quickly pops up to show that. 


If you love to write, you’ll appreciate a massive library of templates that you can tap into. And you can also find any template you’re looking for to serve you better. From business letters, resume templates, brochures, and more.

You can also find dozens of different categories and multiple different templates within each of them. In essence, it’s hard not to find whatever you’re looking for. So, if you want to access the template library, go to the File>New. And from there, go to the drop-down list and select ‘From template.’  

Add Fonts

Apart from Google doc highlighter, another great feature that Google Docs offer is a list of standard fonts. So, you’ll find different fonts to choose from in out-of-the-gate Google. While most of this will be Arial by default, you can click on your current font, and you will access this list.

But if you also want to access more fonts, you’ll click on the same box and choose the ‘More fonts….’ That’s an option you’ll find on the top of the toolbar.

Click this, and it will open a new window that will offer you a variety of fonts to choose from. Scroll and click your preferred fonts that you wish to add to the list, then click the ‘OK’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Add Headers

Any writer will love to have an organized work presentation. That means your text will need to be in different sizes. That also guides the readers with the topics and sub-heading, and one can even go right where they want to find specific content. So, whether you’re writing for the web or your blog, it’s nice to present your work in an accessible and readable manner. Any reader should quickly understand what the topic is all about, and the flow of your content should be good.  

When you get your content on the web, you need to format it and break it up via headings. Google Docs offers various headings, which you can choose from.  

How do you do that? If you want to find a different heading for your content, you’ll go to the drop-down box showing ‘Normal text.’ Then from the menu, you choose the heading format you need. 


Using a highlighter in Google docs helps you become more efficient and organized. Whether you’re a writer, or you love to use google docs for your work, make use of these great features of Google doc highlighter for windows. Although most people use windows, they might know about these visages. But now they do.

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