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Fun Learning Activities For Kindergarten

Kindergarten is surely a rough ride to hop on when teaching but with a lot of fun and with a lot of memories. Many kindergarten students like games and engaging classes. As a teacher, you should create fun-filled games to keep the kids interested and have a positive emotion towards the students to have a fun and easy relationship with the kids.


If you encounter strange or different students from the rest of the class then that is the time to be cautious about the tasks you are about to give them. Pay attention to every single one of them because nothing is more satisfying than having them feel that you are their second home. Here are some of the learning activities for kindergarten


Virtual Bring Me

This game is famous in Filipino games. The host/teacher will say bring me an item and the first student that brings the item that the teacher is asking wins a prize.


Picture Collage

Ask for parents to print out pictures and bring it to class then let the students express their creativity by collaging the printouts. This can explain a lot about the child’s self interest. 


Shape Hunt

This is a great exercise for kindergarten students because it enhances sharpness of mind and memorization


Sound Cues

Sound cues are showing students a picture of an animal or telling them what animal and let them answer what is the sound of the animal. This can help an introverted child or children who don’t like talking or shy ones.


Online Apps/Activities


The COVID 19 virus forbids students from entering their physical class so you, as a teacher, should maximize their gadgets and make the most out of every class. Some apps have videos to watch and answer questions afterwards to recall what they just watched. Some apps get you connected from each other and can make you updated anytime. 


Some activities are creating online greeting videos, vlogging on how they conduct one whole day or communicating videos.


Positive Reinforcements


Teaching kindergarten is hard, they will play, they get easily distracted and some just are really hard headed and can test your patience almost daily. So bring a bag full of patience to keep the teaching alive. Because kids will follow the steps of the grown ups and with that the grown ups should at least try their best to be the perfect example for growing children and with that mere kindness is already teaching your students how to be a great human being.


Key Takeaway


We all don’t know what potential kindergarten has. You might be a teacher of a soon to be doctor, a genius, a pilot, or even the president of the country. It all lies on the palm of your hand. Remember that school is the second home for children and the teachers are the second parents. Teaching them things that can be modified at home. Teachers complete the formula for a child and that makes you a stage of where a kindergarten is going to grow. 

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