Future of Online Shopping – Transforming the Future

I think we can all agree that technology has changed our lives in many ways of Online. In fact, over the past two decades, technology has grown so rapidly that many people find it difficult to keep up with the old and new. It should not surprise us then, with any technology, our lives are rapidly changing to a new way of doing things.

The way we, as consumers, buy products and services is greatly influenced by technology. Years ago, shopping at the store was the only way to get what you wanted or needed. Of course, this is not the case today! With the advancement of technology, consumers have new ways of shopping; shopping online. Over the past 5-10 years, we have seen customer behavior change from in-store shopping to online shopping.

In fact, online retail sales are expected to increase from $204 billion in 2018 to $334 billion expected in 2021. This expected growth indicates that the online shopping in Pakistan system is growing and becoming stronger. For the most part, online shopping has transformed consumers from a “brick and mortar” shopping style to a virtual shopping mall. Wikipedia describes online shopping as a process by which consumers purchase a product or service directly from the seller, without any central service, from the internet. 

Advantages of online shopping in Pakistan:

E-commerce or online shopping has many benefits. As such, online shopping in Pakistan is available 24 hours a day, since most shoppers have internet both at work and at home, many can shop when it suits them. As such, online shopping may be faster than navigating the physical store traffic and / or avoiding bounce times from department stores looking for a product or service.

Online shopping also has the advantage of being quick to compare products and prices. Individuals now have the opportunity to become smart shoppers by using local search engines quickly looking for offers for items or services from many people. Search engines can be used to find sellers of a particular product or service and provide them with easy access.

Finally, another advantage of online shopping is the customer’s freedom to buy things they can or should not be ashamed of shopping in the store. This may include over-the-counter medications, personal items, men’s underwear and men’s or women’s clothing, etc. By shopping online, customers can have the privacy of product options with no shame in going to the registry and what they would prefer to be confidential.

One of the main benefits of online shopping is the opportunity to return. With this simple step, if customers are not satisfied with the product, they can send it back and get the money back. Online shopping is available 24/7, making online shopping more profitable than customers. Now that the market is becoming increasingly difficult, you can shop on your desktop or in the comfort of your own home anytime, because it is 24/7. You can shop in all supermarkets, shop in all major brands. No more running from store to store. 

Fact About Going to Shopping to Market or a Mall:

Shopping online eliminates the physical presence of the customer when purchasing products. Product identification testing before purchasing a product is missing. The excitement of going shopping, going out for dinner after shopping has gone into online shopping. It is everyone’s choice, some people may like the convenience of shopping at home or some may like to go shopping and have fun. Good shopping !!!

Helpful tips for shoppers to consider before buying online:

Make sure the site is organized to store customer information. Ensure that online stores do not store or distribute billing information. Make sure the store has a plan for sharing personal information about your purchase. Find store reviews on Google. 

Technology has completely changed the way we live. Hard physical work in terms of time and labor is now just a smooth break.

The way:

Internet technologies were originally design to enable quick access to user feedback and connectivity. However, now this technology is for sale! The Internet has changed sales. Products from all over the world can be view and delivered to your home. The web is no longer a place to share advice; today, mobile operators are updating web pages and expanding links around the world. Users of technology can read, write, study, trade, and shop online. The internet is also referred to as an gaming venue or online shopping.

Great online shopping:

The internet allows you to connect and shop at home. You can review the products in the store, check the price. Online shopping allows you to understand the product reviews of different companies that will give you a detailed product report, which will help you make a decision. If you do not want to try different clothes before you buy, then shopping online is the best place for you. Shopping online allows you to choose from a list of clothes, without worrying about size and color. The most exciting part of shopping is 24×7 !! So, without waiting for your favorite store to open, you can shop anytime, anywhere.


You can buy anything on the Internet; books, clothes, CDs and electronics, tickets. The sale of clothing, shoes and jewelry is an important part of shopping. Online shopping gives retailers less access to display their products around the world, something that would not be possible without the internet. Even the biggest brands hold online shopping and offer their customers the best deals on all products. All you have to do is log in to the website, browse through the domains and select the product you want to buy. You will get product photos from different angles and also show the price. After completing all the tests, you just need to drag and drop into the shopping cart. Once you have chosen the payment method, you can pay via credit card. Safety websites are stored on the shopping site because it involves money. After payment, you just have to wait for the shipment to reach your door.

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