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Growth of Muscles in Baby – Proper Nutrition Is Important

Intro to Growth of Muscles:

Most parents want to see their baby grow with no end in sight as far as the Growth of Muscles is concerned. They may have been told that the best way to do this is to start exercising when the baby is still an infant and then gradually increase the intensity of the exercises as the child grows. Some parents even go the extra mile and register their baby for a growth chart so that they can keep a track of the progress. However, many of the exercises that the experts suggest do not stimulate growth but may actually slow down the rate of growth.

Need Of Exercise for Growth of Muscle:

The reason why exercise is important in the muscle’s growth in babies is that it helps stimulate the formation of the muscles. It has been observed that the growth of muscles depends on the stimulation provided by the exercise and the intensity of the exercise. In fact, the muscle’s growth in a baby’s body is mostly dependent on the type of food that he or she is receiving at the time of birth. If the diet is rich in proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates, the rate of growth of muscles will be fast. If the diet is deficient in these nutrients, the baby will be unable to gain weight and may develop some extra fat around the stomach area.

Growth of Muscle Depending on:

The growth of muscles may also depend on the duration and frequency of the exercises. An infant may have a lot of muscles but if these muscles are not worked on a regular basis, the muscles may remain dormant and will not develop until the time he or she starts school. A very active baby requires daily workouts. Hence, he or she should be given the opportunity to work on the muscles each day. If this is not done, the muscles may remain inactive and result in stunted growth of muscles.

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Growth of Muscles

Type Of Foods For Growth of Muscle:

The growth of muscles in a baby also depends on the type of food that is being consumed. If the baby is consuming meals containing high protein content, it is expected that muscle growth will be faster. However, if the same food is consumed in lesser amounts, the rate of muscle growth will be lesser. Thus, the growth of muscles must be taken into consideration when feeding the baby with protein-rich foods. Some of the protein-rich foods include eggs, milk, cheese, fish, beans, pulses, meat, cereals, and nuts.

Role of Exercise:

The frequency and amount of exercises must also be increased during the period of growth of muscles. This will help the muscles to grow quicker. The most convenient exercises for babies are those which help to stretch the muscles, like push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches.

The growth of muscles in a baby should be monitored often. The rate of growth of muscles in the baby’s body will slow down if not properly maintained. Hence, the parents must make proper efforts to keep the growth of muscles in the baby under control.

Role Of Nutritional Diet:

Baby can grow faster if the nutritional diet provided is sufficient and has all the necessary vitamins and nutrients required by the growing body of the baby. If the muscle’s growth in a baby is slow, it may need more and extra vitamins and nutrients from the parents. If there is muscle growth in the baby at an early age, it is a good sign. The baby should be taken to the doctor regularly if the muscle growth is slow.

Last Words:

The muscle’s growth in a baby has a lot to do with the proper nourishment given to the baby. The growth of muscles in a baby is not easy. But it can be achieved if the right kinds of nourishment are given. Milk is one of the best nourishments which can be given to a growing baby. When the right kinds of nutrients are fed to the baby. The growth of muscles in the baby can be encouraged. This can be done through breastfeeding or with formula.

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