Guidelines to Write the Best Argumentative Essay

You need to have a proper understanding of essays and how to write one before approaching one. You will be unable to grab suitable grades or impress your instructor without the appropriate presentation. It is essential to understand the basics of writing and research to nail an essay. Argumentative essays are complicated, but you will enjoy writing if you know the topic well. You have to look for information on the internet to prove your point and convince the readers.

Most students leave these tasks and take help from the assignment help websites. It is not wrong to take help from them, but you need to understand the correct writing and research methods. You should not ignore learning. It is impossible to produce a flawless essay in your first attempt. So, if you have taken help from the websites, ensure to go through the solutions they provide.

If you are struggling with an argumentative essay, let us help you understand the meaning and the correct ways to write one.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

Argumentative essays are not easy to write. The purpose of such essays is to understand your analytical skills and power to argue on a particular topic. You cannot take a neutral stance in this case. You have to take a stance, either for or against the motion and write the essay. Students often fail to gather relevant information and seek help from Dissertation Help websites to get through them.

Students must understand the essence of such essays and work on them accordingly. You will be unable to score well in these tasks if you don’t understand the topic correctly or fail to present the correct information. The following section will take you through tips and tricks to write an argumentative essay. Follow them to write the best argumentative essay.

Tips to Write the Best Argumentative Essay

You must learn the correct ways to write an argumentative essay. Take every step seriously before writing an argumentative essay. Let’s understand the pre-requisites of writing an argumentative essay:

  • Pick a topic and write a convincing thesis statement

You must take the thesis statement very seriously for an argumentative essay. It is impossible to establish the arguments without preparing a good thesis statement. Therefore, learn the correct ways of writing a thesis statement and understand the significance of the same. It will help you overcome the problems and produce a good thesis statement.

  • Research and organize the information

You cannot ignore the significance of research in argumentative essays. You need to know the correct ways of finding relevant information. It will help you justify the essay and convince the readers. In addition to it, ensure that the data is well organized. The readers must relate to the essay and understand each point well.

  • Make a rough draft

An important step that most students ignore is making a rough draft. A rough draft will help you overcome the writing problems. You will identify the errors and rectify them before writing the final draft. Argumentative essays need a lot of attention to detail. Hence, ensure to make a rough draft before writing the final paper.

  • Write the paper, proofread, edit

Once you have a rough draft and have rectified the critical mistakes, write the final draft. Once you complete writing it, don’t submit it without proofreading the same. Proofreading is essential to ensure that the paper is flawless and has the correct elements to attract readers.

These are the four tips to write an excellent argumentative essay. Now, let’s take you through each section of the essay one-by-one and help you learn how to outline your argumentative essay:

  • Introductory paragraph: The introduction is an important section of the essay. You have to grab the readers’ attention in this paragraph. Hence, give a brief overview of the topic and what you will discuss in the following sections. Provide some background information in this section to help readers relate to the topic.
  • The thesis statement: It is where your essay will start. The thesis statement is a one-sentence summary that will help the readers understand the essay topic.
  • Body paragraphs: Typically, an argumentative essay has three or more body paragraphs. You need to explain the points and the reasons to take the stand throughout these paragraphs. It is essential to understand the essence of these paragraphs and put in the points correctly.
  • Conclusion: An important section for any essay is the conclusion. You need to ensure that you reinstate the opening points and draw an end to your essay. Do not introduce any new arguments in this section. You need to understand the readers’ perspectives and hit the right notes in this section.

It is essential to understand these points and write each section carefully. The essays are important throughout your academic career. Argumentative essays have a lot to impart, and your grades depend on the same. Therefore, you need to understand the topic well and argue either for or against the topic with valid points.

To ensure that the argumentative essay is perfect, you need to know the five types of argument claims:

  • Fact: Understanding if the statement is true or false
  • Definition: State the definition of what you are arguing as per the dictionary and provide your interpretation as well
  • Value: The importance of your arguments
  • Cause and effect: The cause or reason behind the problem in the essay and the impact it might have
  • Policy: Reasons for the readers to care about it or read the essay and things they should do after reading the same

Let’s help you learn the three main types of argument and ways to use them in the following section.

3 Main Types of Arguments and Ways to Use Them

You need to structure your argumentative essay properly. It is essential to understand the three most important types of arguments and learn how to use them properly. Here’s a look into all of them. You can use any one of them or choose the right combination to write the essay:

  1. Classical

In this case, you have to present your main argument and convince the readers why it is the best. It is a traditional way of writing an argumentative essay. You need to provide strong and valid points in support of the argument. The readers might disagree with you. You need to convince how your point is correct and must be taken into consideration.

  1. Rogerian

If you use the Rogerian type, you need to know the opposing points and acknowledge those points. It is essential to understand the opposing points and put forward your state of view explaining why yours is more appropriate and must be followed. The readers will read your essay with the idea of getting convincing points against the existing argument. Hence, you need to be cautious with what you write. Ensure that the essay is well-written and follows proper writing methods.

  1. Toulmin

You will come across various argumentative essays where you present your claim first and then provide some backup information supporting the same. You need to justify that the points are linked to your claim. The readers need to understand that the points are valid and have strong points to convince them.

Students are often confused with the essays and fail to write them correctly. You need to know the importance of each write-up and understand how those might affect your grades. Argumentative essays require a lot of thinking. You will be unable to convince your readers if you don’t collect relevant information. Therefore, it is essential to acknowledge and understand the meaning of argumentative essays well before writing them.

Writing an argumentative essay takes time. You must remember to answer these questions to create the perfect argumentative essay:

  • Why is the issue important?
  • What are the root causes of the problem?
  • Who or what is affected?
  • Are any solutions available?
  • What should or can be done about it?

It is not a cakewalk; remember that. You need to put a lot of time into it. It is essential to seek help from your seniors or an expert to understand the correct writing methods. Students are expected to have:

  • A correct comprehension of the topic
  • Correct research skills
  • Correct writing skills
  • An intent to proofread and edit the paper
  • An understanding of the various citing and referencing techniques

Hence, ensure to learn all of them before writing an argumentative essay.

Final thoughts,

It is essential to learn things properly when you are a student. You should not neglect the lessons taught in class and ensure that you have the proper knowledge to sail through any problems. It is important to understand the significance of each lesson and learn them well. Students ignore the subjects and fail to overcome the hurdles in the future. Argumentative essays will help you learn a lot of skills. Hence, ensure to work on them well and learn the correct ways to write one.

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