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The season of Chelmsford Taxi is a great moment to look back at previous achievements and remember the significant aspects of life. Many of our clients who transfer with us have confirmed (and are willing to testify, read their reviews with all due respect) the fact Redhill taxis is an organized, efficient business with top quality standards. The world never ceases to turn and neither are our machines! The holiday season is an ideal time to relax and appreciate our blessings. We are incredibly grateful to be the transfer company of your choice the entire year! The office party of today marked an incredible time of expansion for our company and this blog article is a sneak peek to introduce you to all the employees behind the scenes, making sure that everything is running smoothly for our customers.

Chelmsford Taxi

Chelmsford Taxi
Chelmsford Taxi

Holiday Preparations

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Connecto Redhill taxis Accounting, IT, and Marketing (in alphabetical order)

From the 6th of December to 24th We held a work decorating contest. A few people took it extremely seriously, with some desks adorned with Christmas lights and Nativity scenes (with some polar bears to add some fun) and elf-themed attire. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Nikky was the winner because she’s the leader of the Design team. The Stevenage Taxi was not as well-known. the second contest, the home-cooked cookie bake-off. It had strict rules that prohibit participation by moms of team members. Dina One of our accountants came out on top. Both of the winners had to compete and the prizes they won are highly deserved. On top of that, an enormous amount of thinking and planning was put into the every year Secret Santa tradition.

Christmas Eve Party

Happy Holidays from Connecto Cabs Service Support and Sales! (in alphabetical order)

 The party officially began at noon, accompanied by a lot of speculation about Secret Santa gifts. The wrapping began after an informal dinner. A lot of gifts were hilarious as well, with Secret Santas seeking out ways to make comments on the personalities of team members and their work. The whole thing was for fun but with a good sense of humor. The home of the renowned Alhambra is named after the pomegranate. maidenhead taxi is often regarded as the city with the highest number of visitors in Spain. The rich history of Granada and the splendor that is the Andalusia region, and a culture that is diverse and even by Spanish standards have attracted travelers for many centuries. Check out this list of compelling reasons to go to Tonbridge taxis and pack your bags quickly. You’ll be grateful for us in the future.

Farewell To 2018

Happy holiday greetings to Connecto Stevenage Taxi Dispatchers! Connect Transfers Dispatchers! Being able to have fun is definitely an important thing in our lives! Maybe not the most crucial, however. This year, we chose to improve our holiday programming by donating money to the local charity for children. 

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