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Home Renovations Perth: Renovation Tips and Ideas

Nowadays, people spend a lot of time at home, so it makes sense that they have time to spruce things up and do some home renovations in Perth. This does not just apply to the dad in the house. Regardless of age and skill level, there are stacks of DIY tasks that all family members can perform.

With just a little effort, these basic renovation tips and ideas will offer great rewards. You can pick what you have time for and what your home needs the most with a little bit of elbow grease and maybe a few bucks at the local hardware store (please help local businesses!) if you can get out to the local hardware at the moment.

Declutter and clean up your yard.

Remove from the yard all broken or rusted furniture and garbage. Clear out of the letterbox any old junk mail and consider having a ‘No Junk Mail’ sticker to help decrease your landfill contribution. Getting a tidy and clean courtyard at the front of your home adds to its street appeal and value.

Pressure clean hard surfaces.

Over time, asphalt driveways, routes, and outdoor entertainment areas get stained and look dull. Hire professional renovation designers in Perth to upgrade your outdoor areas. You can also consider investing in some paint to give them a real boost if your driveway or path already looks dull.

Take your landscaping game to the next level.

As part of your home renovations in Perth, trim and prune plants and trees that are overgrown, weed garden beds and paths, and mow the lawn. Take it up a notch and plant some fresh flowers or pots in the yard, mulch your garden beds, and create welcoming outdoor spaces.

Plant a veggie patch to become self-sustainable and take a step forward. This is the ideal project to keep them occupied if you have kids at home. They can help with planting, water and harvesting. You can make this a math assignment for older children by getting them to graph the growth of seedlings every day. You may get them to do sketches of the various stages of vegetable growth with younger children.

Replace old or leaky taps and showerheads.

Over time, taps in bathrooms and kitchens bring a lot of wear and tear. You would be shocked to discover how much water you are wasting over a year if you have some leaky taps. Replace the old with new, modern taps built to limit the flow of water. The water flow is aerated by modern water-saving taps, so it seems that the water pressure is the same, but less water is used. This will save money over time for potential water bills, too. The more clicks you replace, the more you save over time.

If you do not know how to replace taps and showerheads, you can hire a professional bathroom renovation services company to do the job for you.

Replace showerheads.

You should also replace the showerheads. Most old-style showerheads drip and leak (even when turned off), so you have constant water waste once again. Replace these with showerheads that conserve water and do your bit for the environment by reducing the use of water while saving yourself money over time with lower water bills.

Carry out a major spring cleaning.

Before you begin with your internal home renovations, it is best to go through spring cleaning. Homes will benefit from a deep clean every so often. So, roll up your sleeves, spruce up your home, and get busy. This is one task that everyone in the family is willing to get into. Make it enjoyable for children by putting on some music and getting a sing-along.

A deep cleaning will get to all the places that can’t be reached with your daily cleaning. Areas such as wall marks, window washing, grime around light switches, cabinet top dusting, behind and under furniture, and more. Do not forget to sweep your kitchen and go through your fridge as well.

Transform your home with new paint.

From time to time, every home can benefit from a fresh coat of paint in the living areas. It is an interesting DIY job to paint. While it seems to be an easy task at the beginning, don’t be fooled because it can actually take longer than you think. Good planning is important, so save this job for another time if you do not have the time to properly prepare your surfaces.

Nevertheless, it can be gratifying to see a job done well. Make sure to plan accordingly and add the correct number of coats. A bad paint job can look very terrible, so be realistic about your time and skills. If you plan properly and take the right steps and cut around the edges beautifully and neatly, you can do a great paint job and provide any part of your home with a much-needed makeover.

What’s Next?

If DIY tasks do not work for your home, leave it to the experts. When it comes to Perth renovations and additions, contact our friendly team at Handyman Perth

We complete a wide range of renovations and extensions using creative design and construction techniques. We work closely with our clients to create home improvement strategies that fit their timelines and budget. As seasoned and skilled experts of home renovations in Perth, we can complete any project quickly and efficiently.

Get in touch with Handyman Perth Services today for a free design consultation. Our handyman team would love to help you bring your vision to life.

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