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How Can I choose The Right Hollowfibre Cushion Pads?

Cushions are always the highlight of the place where you have placed them. If your sofas exude a light shade, you put brighter coloured cushions on top of them. It automatically lifts the look of your furniture. The same goes for cushions placed on the beds. 

Though the contrast is easily matched the insert- material could be sometimes challenging for people to choose. Whether feather cushions pads would be nice or the hollow fibre pads would suffice your needs, totally depends upon your preference. 

Here, we will compare and contrast different insert materials for cushions and help you out how to figure out the right hollowfibre cushion pads, as they are one of the most popular choices these days.

Hollow Fibre Cushion Pads

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Hollow Fibre is a man-made synthetic material composed of hollow strands that enable air to move through while retaining it within the strand to produce loft. This fibre produces a thick cushion with a moderate to firm feel. 

A hollow strand of polyester fibre gives hollow fibre its name. The hollow centre collects air and is responsible for the fluffiness. It also contributes to the lightweight of these cushions without affecting the warmth and comfort level provided by cushions in general. 

It is immune against all dust mites and resistant to allergens. Therefore, they make a good choice for people who are tired of dealing with cushions which cause them sneezing and wheezing.  Thus, these cushions offer great comfort. 

How to Choose The Right Hollow Fibre Cushion Pads

Remember that hollow fibre cushion pads are warm and soft in their touch. They are available in different sizes.  They come in different shapes too. Normally on beds, people prefer round cushions, otherwise, you can place rectangular ones or square ones as well. 

Remember to contact the right retailers and if you are ordering online opt for someone who is taking responsibility for any damaged product. Also, take note that the hollow fibre cushion pads can be found at very reasonable prices, so you do not have to pay a lot no matter how luxurious the brand is. 

What are The Other Materials That Go Inside Cushions?

You have other options too for the filling of the cushions. These are feather fillings, microfibre filling, wool filling, or a combination of wool and down, as well as a combination of down material and feathers. Among the range of these options, we will discuss some of these. 

Feather-Filled Cushion Pads

Though it is also a cost-effective option for cushion filling, the problem comes from those who are allergic to it. Other than that the feather cushion pads make use of duck feathers. These feathers belong to the wings or back area of the ducks or goose. Thus, they give the cushions a flat appearance. At the same time, they can give a good comfort level. They are more durable but a lot of the time their rigidity does not settle with most people. 

Unlike the hollow fibre cushion pads, they are not washable. They flatten with time, and the support can be short-lived. 

Microfibre Filled Cushions

A synthetic but luxurious inside material, the microfibre is amazing for the comfort they provide. But their lifespan is short. They are also allergen-resistant and lightweight. They can be easily washed. Yet again the problem is with their lifespan. They are not as durable. Moreover, they are not as breathable as you would wish them to be so the comfort level would be compromised. 

Wool Filling

Wool Filling is provided by a few companies. Wool makes ideal suite, scatter, and bolster cushions because it is light, has a strong, robust feel, and is easy to recover and push back out after usage. 


There is a variety of other insert materials that are available in the market. Based on your budget and preference, you can go with any of those. However, hollow fibre is the most sustainable option as it lasts you for a long time, without being altered in its comfort level or its appearance.

If there is anything you need to be careful about while buying these cushions is that you choose the right company or the right brand. There are a lot of online sellers who would want to sell you these items as they are running popular these days, but make sure that you choose to authenticate sites, and reviewed sellers. 

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